I started this blog to share something I feel every day and wanna share it with the world. Today I saw a little girl who was holding a little puppy in her hand just like her favourite toy, that puppy was not a high breed dog but a street dog, for her it was the best toy and friend out of all branded toys and stuff animals she was surrounded with. Love is actually like that but is it nowadays??? People are so much indulged in materialistic things, money, self –egos, false feelings of pride, sometimes ignorance. I said ignorance because in ignorance sometimes we overlook the true essence and beauty of truly unconditional love which exists in our lives either in form of moments or persons and most of the times ourselves.  We take our self for granted; never appreciate our inner self for its unconditional love, patience and tolerance towards our anger, frustration, insecurities or any sort of negative feeling. Yes, that’s true our poor soul actually tolerates our day to day tantrums which we shower on us. Whenever our inner-self tried to calm us we ignore its voice. Why don’t we try to love ourselves??? I know, many of you will say that’s it’s easy to say rather than doing it but we can do it just by living 5 minutes every day like that little girl who is holding the street puppy as her favourite toy. Just hold yourself every day despite any condition, see you through eyes of that girl and become her favourite and best friend. Love is everywhere all you have to do is “LISTEN” the voice of love.




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6 thoughts on “GIRL AND THE PUPPY

  1. Carl Chase says:

    Self Love, Self Esteem, in my mind are interchangeable… They are the least pursued aspects of self, but in the end, the very most important. We have been told that to do so is to be selfish, but in actuality, it is the only way we can honestly express self in such a way as to be genuine…. Fill yourself with the Love that comes not from those stimuli around you, but from the never ending fount of Love within you that you are……. Then you can fulfill your mission here on the earth plane….. My never-ending Love to you!!!!!

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