Something happened to me when I read that email. I didn’t knew where I was, what’s happening to me, seems like whole sky has crashed on me. I was wondering why I am unable to see anything clearly for days. Someone told me that I have tears in my eyes. It took me few days to realize that he left me heartbroken. Everyone was there for me to make me feel happy except him whom I gave the keys to my happiness. Days were passing like this but my wound was not healing. It was just like other days for me when I woke up that morning, went to my University, attended my classes. During free hours I was sitting on the bench in a big University park, my favorite place since I joined, sitting there idly lost in my own thoughts. Suddenly, someone tapped on my shoulder, I turned around, kid of 4-5 yrs age was standing there holding a cute little street puppy in his tiny hands.  “Could you please help me?” his soft, sweet voice forced me to come out of my thoughts and I asked him gently “How may I help you honey?”  “Is he yours? “He asked. I denied and to my amazement I saw twilight in his eyes and a smile on his lips in return to my answer. He was so happy as if he found Universe in that sweet little mate of his. He asked me to hold that puppy for a while so that he can get something for him to drink and as well inform the authority that no one claimed that puppy. Before, I would have agreed, he left his new found pal on my lap. His excitement, smile and that twilight seemed contagious to me. All of a sudden, I felt a new energy inside me, all the sadness was gone, and I realized I can see everything clearly. There was so much love and happiness I am surrounded with, chirping of the birds, butterflies, sun rays, laugh of kids, friendship, love. My teary eyes met with the innocent eyes of little puppy, he was introducing me to myself. That’s true, life has given you every moment to celebrate it, to love, to be loved, to be HAPPY. “Once you enter that gate, everything will be clearly seen, so just enter once to the gate of happiness”.





© 2013 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

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