Just another day but a beautiful one, I was coming back from gym as usual lost in my own world and music. In the busy parking lot, I was searching for my old but best scooty ever. Suddenly, some distinguish fragrance hit my nostrils which took me to another world. I turned around to check the bearer of that perfume but failed due to the crowd. On my way back home, I was thinking what was special in that perfume’s smell, why am I still stuck in it? It was a common perfume, since it has very strong fragrance, therefore, can catch anybody’s attention and many guys out there might be using it. But my mind was unable to take it off the thoughts, yes, it was common perfume but has some distinguish trait in it which was making it unique in its own way. “True Mr. Perfume, you are different as I can recognize you with the common feeling of knowing you, even in the crowd”. Whenever, I am encountering this particular fragrance, it took me to different level of positive energy. I guess we all are like that; we are common yet different in our own ways and can lead anyone to different energy levels. Now, it’s up to us whether to recognize that unique trait in us or just be like another person in the crowd. BE COMMON YET DIFFERENT.




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