A Letter from Death….

Dear Physical beings

I am death. You guys know me as an evil entity, nobody wants to talk about me, and my name only shifts the energy level in descending spiral. But, who am I really, Am I evil person who snatches your loved ones from you? I am the creation of same creator who created life. One day He called me and life together and assigned our respective roles. Both of us have equal tough jobs in our hands.  Life has been really a strict agent of the Creator,  his job is to take souls from their sweet home to the real world of physical being. Life said one day with heavy heart to me “my job is way tough than it seems, I take souls away from peaceful environment of home to a new world and new physical home called “BODY” but they cry profusely during their shifting from their home to new place. I gave them every reason to be happy and to love me but they somehow get some or the other point to hate me or finding faults in me. You know what death, they love you more than me. Sometimes I feel that we should switch our jobs, atleast every day I don’t have to go through this trauma of hatred I get from them in return of love”. I was flabbergasted with this heart wrenching revelations by Life. I said “I thought they hate me more than anything else in their lives because I am the one who break their relationship with their loved ones, with their own precious body and above all you”. Life laughed at my innocence and said “have you ever seen anybody crying on their own death bed? No, they all have a divine and peaceful smile on their faces while you were taking them with you. You know why? Because they knew that they were going home. Sooner or later everybody has to go to their real home where they live peacefully and happily. I agree that sometimes your job gets tough when someone deliberately and forcefully tries to go home with you and you have to leave them wandering in the Universe. But it’s their fault as they had to understand that everything has its proper time, even going back home, which is decided by the Creator”.  After hearing this I was astound and I asked myself “who am I really? Good agent or evil agent of the Creator? Now I ask the same thing from you my physical friends…..waiting for your answer

Lovingly yours own





© 2013 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

4 thoughts on “A Letter from Death….

  1. yvonne says:

    from the time we enter the body till the time we leave it, we experience any deaths; every age, every achievement left behind for a greater desire; every time we leave people to grow, like going to collage and then saying good-by to siblings and family and then we watch it all again with our children, as we also begin letting go of our physical strength; death is with us as much as life; without death more life would not be possible for we can not carry it all around but in memory and here too we must decide which ones to keep and let die. Yes, thought provoking and encouraging to realize death walks with us to make way for more life. The image in the Bible of life swallowing death is good too because it shows us death is immediately replaced by life and life is another breath of love

  2. Paul A Goetz says:

    this may sound far fetched and is only my own personal view on this subject and that is upon transition life is instantaneous but there is a process in which the transitioning soul goes through on the way to the next life since there is really no such thing as time upon transition it all seems to happen in an instant but the measurement of linear time in the physical world is 9 months . Now please dont quote me on this but I have been learning about this for the past 12yrs while dealing with my own way to transition as I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and from that moment on I have needed to know what will happen to me upon transition and all though we are all part of a collective each one of us is an individual and what happens for me will not be the same as any other being . I know exactly what will happen for me upon transition from physical to non physical, but i fully acknowledge that if It turns out not to be it wont matter as I have no control over that process only yrs of dedication to needing to know what is next . Thank you

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