Can I Fly????

One day God called me and told me that he is sending me to earth. I became very excited but as soon as I realized I have to leave my home my excitement was took over by sadness. He said “My child, why are you being sad? You are not going away from me, I will be with you every time like always” On hearing this my eyes began to twinkle but still I was in doubt and I asked “My heavenly father, Who am I be on earth? What will I do? With whom I’ll be? Will they be able to take care of me like everyone does here? And above all, Can I fly like I do here?” He smiled gently and hugged me “Trust me, you will be fine”.

One fine night I came on this beautiful place, created by the creator, we all named it as “EARTH”. He was right, everybody here loves me and adores me like HIM only especially the lady who gave birth to me. I proudly called her my Mother. I was a blessed child with lovely family, friends and a beautiful, peaceful home but still something was missing. When I first saw myself in the mirror I cried as I do not have my wings and without them how will I fly, then I thought it might come out with the age like birds and butterflies. Since then I started seeing myself daily in the mirror, admiring myself and very hopeful of getting my wings back one day. One day my mother had introduced me to a teacher. He was a veterinarian by profession but a physicist by hobby, a deadly combination of science and soul. He started teaching me Physics, my grades were improving and so was my personality, we used to chat a lot on different topics like new researches, sports, science etc. During these chats he asked “Is there something you want to ask or say?” I immediately said “Can science get me my wings back? I want to fly”. He was astounded on my question and after a brief pause he answered “to get your wings back you don’t need any science, all you need is “YOU”. Just make your dreams and determination your wings, you will see whole sky is under your feet “.

Since then, I AM FLYING….



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