Last night something was broken inside me, my pillow was wet with my tears. I didn’t know when my nerves gave up and I slipped into embrace of deep sleep. Something shook me out of that embrace, I tried to open my eyes but a sharp strike of light shut off my vision. I felt a soft and gentle touch of little fingers trying to hold my hand as if they want to take me somewhere. I followed that magical touch and came out of my room. It was dead drop dark outside, I was unable to figure out the time but I guessed it was the darkest hour of night. I can feel the cool breeze brushing my body softly, sound of waves was the only thing which can be heard in this dark silence. Suddenly, there was light all around me and I saw the owner of that magical touch. I saw a beautiful, angelic little girl standing in front of me. I asked “Who are you? And why you got me here?”  She smiled gently and said in her silky voice “You can call me messenger of your creator and got you here to deliver HIS message to you” I was awestruck as she continues “He asked me to tell you that do not worry about anything or anyone as you are His creation and no one can have control on your destiny and life but Him and you. Go ahead, and make all your dreams come true and write your new story from now onwards as HE is with you FOREVER”  and saying this she start leaving. I shouted “before leaving, please tell me who are you?” She smiled gently in her signature angelic way and said “I am YOU”. Chirping of the birds and sound of sea waves woke me up, it was broad day light, and I was lying on seashore. I smiled as I was ready to write my OWN STORY.



© 2013 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

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