I Quit!!!!


An elderly couple once told me the secret of successful marriage. She said “Saying I quit is always an easiest option for us, and saying I stay is tough but easiest way to lead a successful married life”.

You should not stay just for the sake of making your marriage successful but you should stay for the sake of first time. Your first touch, your first kiss, first time when you felt love for each other, your first date, your first marriage vow, your first step as husband and wife, your first household item you bought together, your first dance together, your first thought of getting married to each other and all other first times.

Never think that your spouse will stay with you forever, no one knew when death will snatch him/her from your life, the void they leave will never be filled by anyone or anything else. Don’t take your partner for granted, cherish every moment with him/her, respect and be grateful for their presence in your life. There is nothing called as falling in or out of love. Love itself is state of existence. Just feel it without expecting too much and you yourself will get your share. This will be your secret of happy and successful married life.

-Gratitude Wisdom (NS)


© 2016 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

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