Benevolant Darkness

I am darkness, sign of evil and fear. Everyone believes that I am the bad guy and try to remove every single sign of my existense by light. Really!!! Can you truely and fully remove me. When Sun rises I become part of your Shadow, light up a candle and see me at the very existense of it, light up your soul and find me there helping in enlightening you through your experiences or so called dark experiences.

I am the inseparable part of nature and you. I always remain with everyone as their vital part whether they are saint, satan or you. No one can conquer or win me but can be my friend and I will be your true friend showing you the mirror. I am the one who always remain with you till eternity not the light. Light will only come in your life when you want it to be but i am the part of you and will remain with you forever. In the darkness only you can see your trueself. Close your eyes….

– Gratitude Wisdom (NS)

© 2016 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

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