White Cane

“I have to make some changes in my life”, I told myself. I was so frustrated with my current life which includes husband, kids, job and home. “Did I just said home? What would you call business class seat of airliners?”. Well! for others it might be a privilege but for me it was my home where I spent more time than my house.

Hang on! don’t judge me on that, I am not frustrated with my family or job. I love both of them as I always wanted a successful career and loving family, which I have. I am the Vice President of one of the leading firm of Asia, Best Seller Author, wife of loving and supportive husband and above all mom of two precious boys. I have everything I have dreamt off.

And I met him….

Today was the first day of my storytelling session, He was sitting at the corner of the park and listening attentively. I knew he is listening as a critic and I was little nervous for his reaction. I can see his sparkling smile from corner of my eye while reciting a story from “Arabian Nights”. After I finished the story, kids applauded and left by giving me a goodbye kiss, which eventually was also my fees for storytelling. I went to him to know his views on it. He held my hands, kissed them and said ” Thanks! for my first story.”

He unfolded his white cane and started walking out of the park.

-Gratitude Wisdom (NS)


© 2016 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

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