Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It all started last year, when I woke up one fine day with a pang of pain in my right side of mouth. Then went to 3 dentists and they all confirmed biggest fear of my life “Wisdom Tooth Extraction”. I knew from day 1 about the complications related to the extraction but when you run out of options then only two options are left either live that pain which anyways lead you to second option which is fight with your fear and surrender for the extraction. So I opted for the second one. After first extraction, all I prayed to God that I should never face second extraction, but like always he never listens to me when I prayed something stupid for me. So just before my Kerala Vacation, there was a sudden upsurge of pain in my left side of mouth. I knew its time to say goodbye to my last strand of excessive wisdom which is present in my life in form of painful wisdom tooth. So I said goodbye to my wisdom tooth along with excessive wisdom yesterday with swelling in my mouth and heaviness in my gums. During that two and half hour of surgery in my unconscious anesthetic stage, one thing I experience that staying with wisdom and getting rid of it, is equally painful.

I remember Alan Watts has said “A scholar tries to learn something every day; a student of Buddhism tries to unlearn something daily.” With this quote I accepted my current situation that I am with zero excessive wisdom in my life now. My Husband said to me just before my surgery “Oh God! You will be without wisdom from now onwards”. I guess he is right as now I can think as a student not as a scholar, I can think like normal wisdom person. Now I am free from the bondage of “I know everything” to fly in the sky of true wisdom and feel “I am ready to unlearn old and learn something new in every moment of NOW”.

– Gratitude (NS)

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