“Do you know her?”, I asked one of my friends. “Oh yes! she is a bitch,” She said in a confident tone. With a set pretext I went at her place for my first meditation. I didn’t interact much with her as I don’t want to get involved with her much.

“Did you meditate yesterday at her place?” asked one of the meditation group members. “Yes! I did but somehow I didn’t get positive vibes,” I said dishearteningly. “No worries! sometimes it happens,” she said reassuringly that this type of feeling will not last for long. Next day I again went to her place. She shared her life experiences with everyone.

“Do you know her?”, Someone asked me. “Oh yes! she is a bitch,” I said with a confident smile.

She is a bitch who knows how to tear down any difficulties of life and emerge as a winner!!!!

-Gratitude (NS)



© 2017 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved



5 thoughts on “Bitch!!!!

  1. Natasha says:

    People so easily jump into judgments. But again, that’s human nature. It’s easy to point fingers at others not realising the other three fingers are pointing back at you. Nicely done post!

  2. anupriya says:

    People of the world are harsh enough to judge you when you are weak and even when you are strong. So a better idea is to be strong and happy in your own life.
    Loved your mini story.

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