Finding Magic!!!

11 years ago, I started this journey, a journey of finding myself. I was lost in the darkness of presumption of knowledge. When I started meditating, some appreciated it and some doubted my reason of meditation, ” there must be some reason that at this age you are meditating otherwise meditate at this age.” It was a magical start, my life was unfolding with a supersonic jet speed, my life and my career was booming like anything. Somehow, in that magic, I totally forgot my reason to start this journey. I was again lost this time in the darkness of my journey.

As said, ” Nothing is permanent.” my magical life vanished in this natural law but I misunderstood this law and got deviated from the path of my journey. I wanted that magic back in my life so desperately that I start trying different types of meditation, this time not in search of myself but in search of magic which can change my life overnight.

While cleaning my shelf one day, I saw a gift which I gave to myself on my 34th birthday “The Dalai Lama’s cat”, a book by David Michie. I never read that book after I bought it for myself one year back. I started reading and with every new page, there was a new realization of truth. Truths of life which I completely ignored in these 11 years.

“There was no magic in meditation, it was always with in you. Meditation was helping you to use it fully. The day you will find the true potential of yourself, that day you will attain Buddhahood.” one of the fellow members said in their calm and content voice.

“NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO” chants started in unison, my eyes were open and the journey begins….

– Gratitude (NS)


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