Ignorance is Bliss!!!!

“I do not need to meditate. I am in peace. My life is perfect.” He said in a confident tone.

“When did I said you need to meditate,” I was confused with his sudden invent of this topic. He surpassed my words and again said, ” People might do meditation to be at peace but I do not need to do it. My life is fine.”

I smiled on his innocence, he unknowingly has crossed the first step of his new life, peace with his self. All he doesn’t know that his journey has just begun.

Mediation is a state of mind, a lifestyle which leads you towards a journey to know yourself, make peace with your surroundings, know your true potential and above all, on a transition path of I, ME, MYSELF and MY LOVED ONES to OTHERS.

– Gratitude (NS)


© 2017 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

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