Life is a box of….. CRAYONS… #WOW: Life Is A Box Of… #blogadda


He was sitting quietly in the back corner of the class. He took out his glasses 10th time in last 15 minutes and cleaned them frequently to see the teacher’s scribbling on the blackboard. After few minutes of staring at the board, he was able to make words out of that scribbling, “Life is a box of….” is the topic of the art and craft class homework. He was waiting eagerly for the class to end as that was the last class before the summer vacations. He was not very fond of holidays as he has to stay alone at home but summer vacations mean he will be going to see his maternal grandparents. he waits for summer holidays every year. Suddenly he heard the eardrum-piercing sound of school bell but today it sounded like a melodious flute music to him. He quietly packed his bags and loped off towards his car.

After two months of family life, he was all set to go to that lonely house again. “So all the stuff packed?” asked his Grandfather. “Yes.” He said in a bleak voice. “Hey, son! Don’t be sad we will visit you soon.” his Grandfather said in a cheerful tone. To change his mood Grandfather diverted the topic and asked, ” so all your homework completed?” “Yes!, except art and craft one. I am not able to make out anything from that topic. It’s a complicated topic “Life is a box of…..”, I don’t know what to fill in that blank space.” he said in a confused and frustrated tone. “Hmmmm! Wait, I think I have something for you” saying this, Grandfather went into his daughter’s room and came out with a gift box in his hand. “You open it after reaching home, I am sure you will find your answer,” Grandfather said with a smirk on his lips.

After reaching home, he ran into his room to open his gift. he tore the wrapping sheet and open that beautifully painted wooden box. There was a letter inside it with few packets. He opened the letter:

Dear Son,

Welcome to my world of colors, Today when your Grandfather gave you this box, he gave you my world and my life. My Life has always been this box of crayons since my childhood. I am not with you but my crayons will always make you feel that you are not alone. I am always watching you, my love!

– Love, Mamma

He opened one packet and crayons were on the entire bed. The first time he felt that he is home as his Mamma was with him. He painted a rainbow and wrote, “LIFE IS A BOX OF CRAYONS”, and placed his painting next to her portrait along with fresh flowers WREATH.


– Nidhi GS (Gratitude)

© 2017 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

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