Best Buddies

Today she was just talking about him to her friend and suddenly she realized that it has been 20 long years since she even had a word with him. “Did you even remember me?” She thought while looking at the sky as if she wanted to ask this question to him. With a sip of hot coffee, she joggled the thought of him and went back to the book she was reading.

She remembers their first meeting. He was new in the apartment complex. She was sitting on the balcony reading a book and he was talking loudly on phone with his friend. They met many times but ignored each other. They both have their inhibitions, nobody was ready to break the ice first. But one fine day, they met at apartment’s barbeque night and ice melted between them. They had so much to talk that they didn’t realise how much time had passed, the first ray of sun told them that they were talking whole night. After that their friendship was the talk of the town, they were the best buddies with two bodies but one soul.

” I Love You! Will you be my best buddy and a better half?” on his knees he asked her. “No! I am not ready for it, I am sorry but you are my best friend and I don’t want to lose this beautiful relationship in the cage of love. You know me I don’t believe in love.” She said bluntly. He was heartbroken but respected her decision. After few months he got engaged to someone else and she realised that she was already in the cage of love, his love. She never confessed her feelings to him as he was happy in his new life.

That was his last day in the city, he was moving to a different city, they both somehow knew that they will not see each other again. They both knew that they love each other but not destined to be together. That was last time they hugged each other.

“Mom! we got new neighbours.” her son said in a little-frustrated tone, sat on the couch and continued, “The girl is so loud over the phone, doesn’t realise that others are also staying in the complex.” She came out of her past life thoughts with a jerk. She came on the balcony to see her new neighbours and heard someone calling her name. She saw the neighbour’s girls reacted on that call “coming mom!” She called her son and her new neighbour came out on the balcony in reaction to that name.

They saw, her son and his daughter were talking to each other, downstairs. They both smiled, nothing has changed in 20 years.


– Nidhi GS (Gratitude)

© 2017 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

13 thoughts on “Best Buddies

  1. Shalzmojo says:

    Perfect ending to a very sweet and touching love story; happens often that we dont realise till its too late that we have feelings for the other person in the same vein!! Been through this in my life once and know how it feels!

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