Shoerack….. #WOW: Walk A Mile In My Shoes… #blogadda


“Oh God! Again a new pair of shoes”, her friend was irritated with her obsession for shoes. Everyone around her calls her shopaholic. Her husband, parents, friends, family, according to everyone she does not value money. She has 120 pairs of shoes in her shoe rack, according to her its a unique collection of footwear just like her unique collection of books. I could not agree more with her when I heard the unique story behind her quest for shoes. Where ever and whichever country, state or city she went, she bought different varieties of shoes based on the fashion of that place. She never bought expensive items as she firmly believes if you take good care of your things even if they are not expensive, they will last long just like our relationships.

She was intelligent, bold, strong yet very sensitive and emotional. She knows the value of relationships and friendship but can never let anybody to take her for granted. She took care of her loved ones but stand against them when they were wrong. Her definition of every type of shoe was as inspiring and different as her personality. According to her,

“BOOTS will tell you that time being I will cover your weakness and protect you from the harshness of outside world and makes you walk strong and time will come when you are ready to walk with your inner strength’s protection in this harsh world.

PUMPS will inspire you to stand tall and high as well look down while walking just like you have to keep the balance between your self-respect and humility. They will pain with the time but will also give you a sense of achievement.

PLATFORMS teaches you to be connected with your base when you are touching the sky.

WEDGES gives you full support just like a supportive friend to walk straight without any fall, it inspires you to be a support for others just like the extra sole of wedges helps you.

SNEAKERS will keep you going with the speed in this fast moving life.

SLIPPERS will pamper you at the end of the day and will appreciate your efforts for the day”.

“You know what! these shoes are meant for us, to support in our daily lives and inspire us to keep going in every situation. I never asked anyone to walk a mile in my shoe rather I asked them to just wear my heels and feel the pain.” She said with a confident smile.


– Nidhi GS (Gratitude)

© 2017 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “Shoerack….. #WOW: Walk A Mile In My Shoes… #blogadda

  1. Natasha says:

    Lovely take my dear baccha. You seem to be getting better and better. This is indeed a very thought provoking post and love the analogies you have added.
    This one is another WOW post I feel!
    Love and hugs

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