26 years old…. #WOW: Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone #blogadda #writebravely #writetribe

The day I turned 26, All of sudden I became the hot topic of discussion among my neighbors, relatives, and few family friends too.

“I heard you are going back to the USA? Well, you should stay back here and get married. This will make your parents happier rather than you going abroad alone.” said one of the old auntie from the neighbor.

“See, your mom’s sugar level is so high because of, you not getting married.” Another Auntie scolded me.

“Because of you Uncle and Auntie are not keeping well with their health. You should stay back in India. Whats with the career?” my cousin tried to explain me my parents’ health condition.

“It’s high time now, you should get married and for God’s sake don’t throw any tantrums about guys’ qualities. You are a girl that too in your late twenties and above all foreign return, you need to compromise with some of your expectations. OTHERWISE, you will remain unmarried throughout your life.” explained by my mom’s friend in a very calm tone.

“Hi dear! How are you? I heard you are working in the USA. Great going, now get married too. See, I have two children now, they also need someone to play with them whenever you visit our hometown.” written by my childhood friend over facebook chat.

“Register yourself on online matrimonial websites. I got a very good match for my daughter through them only.” my paternal Aunt said in a proud tone.

And here comes the classic questions of all ” When are you getting married? Do you have someone in your life?” asked by every second person I met as if they all are my best friends and are so generous to lend their ears for my hidden secrets.

“Right now, no one is there in my life but whenever I will have one, you will be the first one to know it. But it will be our secret. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone,” I winked and answered each one of them.


P.S. I got married at the age of 35. Thanks to my parents’ support throughout that time.

– Nidhi GS (Gratitude)

© 2017 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

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17 thoughts on “26 years old…. #WOW: Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone #blogadda #writebravely #writetribe

  1. Sreedeep Chennamangalam says:

    Well, it looks like relatives and friends have much more urgency than ourselves in getting us married. I’ve been through this when I turned that age. Trust me, I used to hate each and every one who uttered the word ‘marriage’ when they saw me. It’s so intrusive that keeping self-control is a herculean struggle. Nicely written, Nidhi!

  2. alubhujiablog says:

    Really the neighbours n relatives are too much worried bout one’s marriage , which is very irritating …..but sshhhhh…..

  3. Minakshi bajpai says:

    Haha actually this happens to every girl. After my graduation all my relatives and friends were keen to know that when you will get married, with whome or I had any affair 😜😜. Really relatives are too much

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