Zest of Life…. #writebravely #writetribeproblogger #writetribe #1-Oct2Pattern

Winter mornings are always beautiful and today it’s a special morning for me, my birthday, always been a very special day in my life since my birth, first for my parents and then for me. I woke up with soothing sun rays peeking from the window shields, playing hide seek with my eyes. I saw a perfectly aligned handmade bouquet of my favorite flowers, white lilies, and red roses, with a note saying “TO MY LIFELINE….HAPPY AND BLESSED BIRTHDAY.” After reading the note a tear rolled down through my blushed cheeks and a soft smile filled with tranquility ran down my lips and the feeling of being loved took me to another level of pride-filled happiness. Suddenly, I heard the melody of birthday song in chorus. Oh yes, my two handsome twins were singing this for me, another high-pitched loving voice joined them which was none other than of my Prince Charming, my loving husband. They hugged me tightly and we sang my birthday song together which ended in a cacophony of laughter and giggles. My phone was ringing constantly with the downpour of birthday wishes. I was in seventh heaven when suddenly my eyes saw the wall clock, which was yelling lovingly -“Birthday girl, get out of your bed otherwise instead of birthday wishes you will get a good scolding from your Boss”. I kissed my hubby and my handsome lads and ran towards the bathroom like a space shuttle.

While driving for my work, I was listening romantic number on the radio which turned out to be one of the songs listed in my all-time favorite category, and then I heard the person’s name who dedicated this song to his wife on her 34th birthday, red color flushed on my cheeks and only thing I was able to say “I love you too honey”. Another song started playing on the radio and I was lost in my own happy thoughts “I have a fairy tale perfect family, we live happily forever. I am proud of myself that I have a perfect life, perfect job, perfect family, and perfect lifestyle, what else did I need? I consider myself luckiest person in the entire world”.

A big jolt shook me out of my thoughts as I heard a loud banging voice and then I felt numb. I heard distant voices of people and they grew farther and farther away. I was floating in the darkness and then a stint of light struck my eyes. I can see my kids, husband, mom, dad, best friends but I can’t touch them. I felt helpless and suddenly, the scene changed and I saw myself as a kid having fun with my parents. My whole life ran in front of my eyes like a kaleidoscopic pattern. I realized that I have to leave my pride of being the luckiest human of this world here. Perfect family, perfect love is only related to one’s physical being and I wasn’t a physical being anymore. I was a soul which was filled with eternal love and peace. I no more felt sad on parting with my family. I wasn’t helpless anymore, I was just happy and in peace. I saw the light coming closer and closer.

I woke up with sunrays kissing my face all over and asking me to get up on my special day. I saw a handmade bouquet of white lilies and roses on my bedside with the note “TO MY LIFELINE….HAPPY AND BLESSED BIRTHDAY.” I smiled and said in my heart “Thank you GOD for making me realize the worth of my soul and zest of true love & life.”


– Nidhi GS (Gratitude)

© 2017 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

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34 thoughts on “Zest of Life…. #writebravely #writetribeproblogger #writetribe #1-Oct2Pattern

  1. swatiabhi says:

    Very well written.. Sometimes when we feel we have lost everything and then realising that we still for hope makes life a wonderful journey

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