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Life is treating me pretty good till now. I am 34, female, single, that’s my status so far. It was never that I do not want to get married but I do not want to get married for the sake of getting married. I am happy and content in myself and my work. I am a scientist by profession and an author by avocation, totally in love with both of my roles.

It was spring, vacation time for me every year and this time I was hitting the shore of Islands of Hawaii. My writing expedition was on, in search of a new story, as always. But destiny had other plans in store for me. It was a beautiful sunny day, sitting on a private beach, all set to write my new book. I thought it to be a usual day, beautiful and serene ambiance was giving me a boost to put my thoughts into words through my special peacock feather pen. I mentioned this pen here as it has a major role in this story.  While sipping Hawaiian coffee from my favorite coffee mug, I was trying hard to work on my new story, but somehow I was unable to concentrate that day. Frustrated with my inability to concentrate, I banged the coffee mug on the table. Sunrays kissed the golden engraving on the mug, shining letters danced in front of my eyes stating “Follow your Intuition.” It was just a mug but it was giving me some message, a message which I should follow. I closed my writing pad, gathered all my belongings, kept everything properly in my bag and got ready to explore the surroundings. I decided to go to the nearby flea market, to buy some grocery, felt like cooking something special for dinner. I bought good stuff for the cooking with some local wine, while making the payment my special pen came out of my bag and was dropped. The poor pen was immediately got its first big kick and there it goes flying far away from my reach. I ran to catch it but seem more tedious running workout I had ever done, I stepped on something slippery and was on my belly with arms stretched out and legs still in the air. People came to my rescue and someone rescued my pen too. He was an average height, built and feature guy with a tag of “Man next door”, still something was there in him, which was making him different in that crowd. He came to me and suddenly, I felt my breathing is going heavier and heavier.

He asked in concerned Italian tone mixed with American accent “Are you ok Miss?” He noticed no wedding ring on my finger, I thought. Somehow, this thought made me giggle and blushed same time.

He gave me the pen and said in his angelic husky voice “Here is your special pen. Do take care of it and yourself in the future, as you are special too.” I was so enchanted with his voice and words that I forgot to thank him.

Flee market noise took me out of my thoughts and I turned around to see him but he was gone. I searched him everywhere, asked about him from people but no one had seen him. The whole day went in search of him, I came back to my cottage and started cooking but Mr. Next Door and his words were kept coming back in my thoughts.

I kept asking myself “Why did he say that you are special too? Was he trying to tell me something?”

After eating my dinner, I decided to take walk on the beach, but something was telling me to go towards the town. Sun was still up, so I decided to follow the intuition. I was walking down the street, and I saw the same man with a same serene smile on his face. I knew he noticed me coming towards him but he kept walking as he had not noticed me at all. I followed him, he entered into a building. It was an old classic building with a touch of divine antiqueness. The door was half open, I entered hesitantly. Inside was a huge garden filled with all kinds of daisies, lilies, and roses, and also with some beautiful rare flowers, those were kids with special needs. A lady came to me, and she introduced herself as an in-charge of that facility.

I enquired about the guy who got me there “Have you seen a guy with tanned complexion speaks in Italian tone with an American accent, average height and built?” She shook her head, left me disappointed.

As I was about come out of that building, a little boy of age 6-7 came to me and gave me a red rose. I sat on my knees to talk to him before I thanked him, he said something in his stammered tone which left me astounded.

He has same Italian tone with the American accent and he said: “Take care of yourself, you are special.” He left me in shock and surprised state of mind.

In-charge told me about him, he is an autistic kid but with some special qualities. They found him during the rehabilitation program for 2004 Tsunami victims. Father died in Tsunami, his mother was in the state of coma, died after giving birth to him. The walls of that orphanage were made of stories of those kids. Everyone has their own story, some were estranged from their families, and some do not have their families. I always pity the misfortune of those parents who leave these real gems thinking that they are only rocks in their smooth path of life.

A few days later, I was on my way to back home, but not alone. I was accompanied by my son “Joshua,” in-charge was right about his special qualities, he was fond of Sudoku puzzles, and he can solve them in no time. Owner of my cottage gave me a parting gift, which I decided to open up in the flight.

Joshua was busy in solving puzzles, I unwrapped the gift packet, and inside it, was a beautiful peacock feather necklace wrapped in an old newspaper, attached a message card stating “You are special.”

Suddenly, my eyes met the eyes of Mr. Next Door picture in that old newspaper, with the headlines “Ex-American war veteran died in Tsunami while rescuing people in Thailand, pregnant wife missing.” Joshua was still busy solving his puzzles as I solved mine. Mr. Next Door was smiling as I hugged and kissed my precious gem “Joshua.”

I came out of my thoughts as I heard the flight captain announcement for landing. I came out of the Terminal and saw my handsome Joshua standing there to pick me up along with my loving husband. Time surely flies, he is now 13 yrs old, but it seems yesterday only when we first met.


– Nidhi GS (Gratitude)

© 2017 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge


28 thoughts on “Solving Life’s Puzzle….. #writebravely #writetribeproblogger #3-Oct9Terminal

  1. Rashmi says:

    Wow! This is such a beautiful story Nidhi! And yes, always follow your intuition, it never leads us wrong 🙂 Beautifully penned. I had goosebumps reading it!

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