Valentine's day #WOW: Construct A Story

It is Valentine’s day. Nikhil was all set to leave for home from the office. He saw google notification of traffic jam everywhere due to heavy rain. Rain in the month of February is not so common. He decided to wait for a little while before he hits the road. Nikhil opened his suitcase and found a beautiful jewelry box in it. He smiled and said in his thought. “For my best friend, I am going to gift Radhika, her best friends, diamonds.” He makes a fresh cup of coffee for him and came near the window. Billboard was clearly visible, with a sign of Valentine’s day celebrations, the bright light attached to it were making it more glamorous. It seems like yesterday when he met Radhika for a matrimonial meeting on Valentine’s day. It was love at first sight for him. Radhika Mahanty has a unique personality. She was an entrepreneur in the field of publication but in a very less span of time, her publication got listed among top five publications of the nation. She was powerful yet a simple and beautiful soul. Her eyes have ocean-like depth, Nikhil was completely smitten by her persona. Nikhil was so enchanted that he forgot to give Radhika the roses he got for her.

Nikhil’s phone rang and he came out of his thoughts and picked up the phone. “Dad! Where are you? Hope you got everything for maa?” Rahil asked. “I am still at the office. I got notification of heavy traffic at the junction so decide to stay for another hour. Don’t worry son, I got everything for your Maa.” Nikhil said with a smile. “Thank God! But have you seen your office walk clock? It is 8.30 pm already. Please hurry up!” Rahil said in a hurried tone. “And don’t forget to bring fresh white lilies for Maa, Bye” he added and hanged up.

Nikhil again remembers when Rahil was born, his little baby boy is so grown up now that he became a love teacher for his dad. Nikhil saw google again and traffic was cleared so he hurriedly picked his suitcase and phone and left the office. Rahil was waiting outside the house for him. Nikhil took out bouquet and suitcase from the backseat of his car and saw Rahil in an apologetic manner. Rahil got his father’s coat and said,” Maa is waiting for you. Go quickly.”

Nikhil came to Radhika and hugged her tightly. Nothing has changed in last 40 years. She looks the same. her eyes are still deep like an ocean, though her hairs are white a bit but rest her personality is still enchantingly powerful even in the coma.

-Nidhi GS


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

10 thoughts on “Valentine's day #WOW: Construct A Story

  1. Ravi S says:

    Very beautiful story madam. Love stays young forever and makes life live. There is a movie named ‘waiting’ acted by Naseerudin shah and Suhasini madam, a movie based on similar subject and is wonderful.

  2. shanayatales says:

    Okay I have to admit that I did not see that end coming. Nonetheless, it’s a sweet tale of undying, unconditional love.

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