August Christmas… #UnwrapChristmas #writebravely

‘I am celebrating the spirit of Christmas with the #UnwrapChristmas blog post chain.

I am thankful to Ramya Rao for passing on the baton of spreading Christmas joy and spirit to me.’

Here is my “August Christmas”:

Shamita was tired of unpacking in her new house. It’s August and due to rain, humidity was at the peak. Air-conditioners will get installed by evening as mentioned by the maintenance person. She decided to go out for a walk to nearby book cafe “Christmas Cafe”. It has been 4 days since she moved into this new locality with her husband Aditya. She has been visiting this cafe since day 1. It is a small book cum coffee cafe. An owner is an old man in his late 60s. She liked the name as well as the ambiance of this cafe.

Before leaving, Shamita thought of informing Aditya who is busy in his new theatre room, connecting PS4 with his new 60 inch TV and enjoying his massage sofas which he specially selected for this room.

” Such a child he is”, she said to herself with a lovingly smile on her lips. She saw Aditya was sleeping on the couch and some Christmas movie was playing on the TV. She covered him with a blanket and turned to switch off the TV, last visual on screen was Santa Claus winked and waved. For a second Shamita thought it was for real and then laughed at her own thought and switched off the TV.

Coffee made her all tiredness goes away and she has recharged again to work. She came to the counter to pay but today some other old man was there. “Where is Kumar Uncle?” She asked that old man who was facing towards the wall. “He has some unfinished business in another town so he has gone there,” He said continuously working on his desk without turning his face towards her.

“Uncle, do you know anything about this cafe especially how this cafe got its name?” Shamita curiously asked like a child.

“Oh yes! I can tell you that. I and Kumar are old friends. We started this cafe to keep the spirit and faith of Christmas alive in all the generations especially that Santa Claus is real and He not only fulfills the wish of kids but adults as well.” He said with a flow still without turning his face towards Shamita.

“Ha ha ha, oh, come on Uncle! You and I know the truth that there is no Santa Claus. It is a myth.” She said hilariously.

“Anyways Uncle, we will discuss that later. See you again. Bye” She waved to him and left without noticing that old man turned around and winked and waved her back.

She reached home and saw Aditya is still sleeping. She walked to her study and found a beautiful gift box wrapped in red paper and white ribbon. “Aditya! I love you”, she said in her heart and start unwrapping the gift. There was a snow globe with Santa Claus trying to climb the chimney of a house. She looked closely and found the house in the globe looks exactly like her childhood home. She saw outside the window, snow was coming down from the sky and old man from the window of his cafe was waving towards her. ” Merry August Christmas Santa Claus”, she said with a smile on her lips and tears of joy in her eyes.

-GS Nidhi

‘I now invite Richa Singh to carry forth the Christmas cheer.’

16 thoughts on “August Christmas… #UnwrapChristmas #writebravely

  1. kalaravi16 says:

    Wow you made Christmas even more magical with this lovely story! I will always believe in magic and Santa Claus and in all things nice! That is something which makes mundane life so much more colorful, in’t it?! Merry Christmas to you and yours Nidhi!

  2. Esha M Dutta says:

    Such a sweet story to spread the spirit of Christmas! It may not be a festival we celebrate once a year, but throughout the year if only we believe in the magic of Christmas! Lovely post, Nidhi.

  3. mahekg says:

    Sooo sweet. Loved this story and wish that such cafes open everywhere not for gifts but spreading love. Santa is there in our hearts we can be for some and someone would be for us for sure

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