Waiting for "Hatne ki"…. #letsbcrazy #dimaagkihatgaayi #celebratechange #happynewyear

January, a very special month for everyone as it is the first month of the year, always gives you a feeling of freshness. Fresh new start of the year, a fresh new start of many things, new year resolutions and even weather updates are also fresh. But what after that? After it is gone, does not it feels like the old year has started? Before we even know it we are back in our laziness routines or life’s daily struggles, all our resolutions are also blown away along with the dry leaves of winter. Basically, we get back to the same life what we were leading last year with a hope of something new, with a hope that this year will be different from last year, with a hope that new year will bring some good luck to you.

Ghanta! exactly….. big ghanta change will happen this year, ghanta good luck will fall on our lap. And top of it we all know that our life needs a big-time change or I should say a long-awaiting change. If we ask from our friends or other people, they will advise you to start exercise, yoga or meditation above all puja’s also to bring good luck. In fact, I would do the same thing if someone will come to me. Again we will start with the new resolution or we will wait for the new week to start out something new or new day but there will never be a “NOW” to start it. To start to follow advice is easier but to stick to it is tough. Why?

The reason is simple, we are too lazy to come out of our comfort zone or in other words, we never wanted to come out of this life. We are too comfortable in cribbing and making excuse with ourselves. I am doing the same thing, but this time I am just waiting for one thing “Meri Hatne ki”

And I guess “Now” is time for it….. 😉

Happy New Year!!!!!!


-GS Nidhi

#letsbcrazy #dimaagkihatgaayi #celebratechange #happynewyear

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4 thoughts on “Waiting for "Hatne ki"…. #letsbcrazy #dimaagkihatgaayi #celebratechange #happynewyear

  1. Shalzmojo says:

    Gratittude towards all that we have in life is maha important . Yup January does enroll us into making crazy ass resolutions which fade into oblivion often as feb rolls by! I am sticking to the ones I made and am happy to see the results.
    BTW I am a fan of meditation too!!

    • Storyteller says:

      My post do not say that don’t meditate or follow anything but I am saying to get change one need to come out of their comfort zone. SO if we are starting something we need to stick to it to see the result. Btw… I also meditate and follow Buddhism, it is really gud… Thanks for reading it

      • Storyteller says:

        no no dear…. It is not ur bad…. every one has their own perspective to see things…. it is just my way what I wrote…. May I was also not clear in that paragraph that much… let me rephrase it a bit

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