Theorem…. #FridayFiction #WrimoWritingActivity #WrimoIndiaActivity

“What had happened Mrs. Kaur?” Saloni asked senior math teacher Mrs. Kaur after entering the staff room. “You seems really tense about something”, Saloni said in a little-concerned tone while sitting beside Mrs. Kaur.

“Yes! That boy Arnav, the business partner of justice and the master of fear,” Mrs. Kaur said in an angry tone. “I do not understand, Mam! What had he done now?” Saloni’s tone was inquisitive.

“He gets scared of every subject except maths, this is the only subject he scored perfect and because of that, he gets passed in every semester. But no, he wanted to be honest.” She said in one flow with over frustrating tone.

“Relax Mrs. Kaur! Please have some water and tell me in detail.” Saloni gave her glass of water and said.  After taking few sips from her glass she continued again, “Today, He came to me and showed me his recent exam paper copy. He scored perfect 100 but he said that he got extra 5 marks for a question which he solved with a wrong theorem. I told him that he got the answer right. You know what he said to me on hearing this?” Mrs. Kaur was still furious on Arnav, her tone was showing the hint of anger.  “What he said? Mam”, Saloni asked her.

“He said for him math is life and in his life, he never wanted to get a right answer with a wrong theorem.” Mrs. Kaur said in a proud tone, this time there was no anger in her voice as if she understood that Arnav taught us a lesson for a lifetime.



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