#Contest #Giveaways #ANewLeaseoflifeStoriesofReunion #Sarmitadey

#Contest #Giveaways #ANewLeaseoflifeStoriesofReunion #Sarmitadey

Rita asked Sanjeev to freshen up and ran to tell her best friend Raj that her wait is finally over, her love is back.
“Then why are you not happy Rita?” Raj asked her calmly looking into her eyes. “What are you saying Raj? I am… I am happy.”She said in a confused tone.
“Look into my eyes Rita, then say that you are happy about it,” Raj said in little authoritative yet calm voice.
“I… I don’t know Raj. I am happy that he is back but now I am confused whether I want him back in my life or not. Whether our lives will be same like earlier or not?” Rita’s every word was getting covered in the blanket of little sobs.
“Do you want to live the same life where he left you after 4 years long relationship or you want to start a new life? The answer lies within you, Rita.” Raj again said in the same calm tone.
She came out of Raj’s house but her every step was getting heavier as she was proceeding towards her own house. She decided to go to the children’s park in her society. She sat on a bench thinking about what Raj had said to her and time she spent with Sanjeev three years back.
She recalled every moment she spent with Sanjeev, her first meeting, her first kiss, his proposal, all celebrations, and news of his job in Singapore, his moving to Singapore, those longing nights when he was away from her, his missing her to avoiding her, his final email.
She felt same painful anger what she felt three years back. Last three years were the worst of her life. She had so many unanswered questions which haunted her every day in last three years. It seems like her life has frozen at that moment. Today when she saw Sanjeev she felt that she came out of that trance. Every day in her thoughts she used to fight with him on their meeting, she tries to get answers to her questions but today, when Sanjeev is standing in front of her as a reality, she does not want to fight with him or ask him anything.
“Why? Why am I feeling like this? Am I not in love with him anymore? I am not even angry at him. There is a different type of happiness I am sensing inside me, but why?” Rita asked herself.
Suddenly, she jolted out of her thought when she heard a shrill cry of a child. She turned her face towards that child. He was playing in the children’s pool with a paper boat and his boat sank. He was crying till his mother gave him a new boat but this time she put wax colors on it so that it can last a bit longer but she knew that nothing last forever.
Rita realized that submerged boat can be retrieved but should be kept as a memoir of good times of when it sailed.
– GS Nidhi


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© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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