A-Aarambh (NEW START)… #ATOZ2018 #BlogchatterA2Z #A2ZChallenge

“It has been one year today since we became friends” Prerna was talking to the ocean, and the ocean replied to her through the music of waves, “Happy Anniversary, My dear.” Prerna was sitting on the ocean side rocks lost in the waves of the ocean, “Are you the same ocean who eat people like a monster? but that’s not possible, you are so kind and serene. Then why you took my parents and friends with you?,” A tear rolled down on her pink cheek. “But I still love you,” Prerna said in a love mixed angry tone. “I love you too,” A wave came, kissed her face and wiped all her tears away.

She remembers that day, 7 years back. She was taking her afternoon nap and the last thing she remembers that her mom holds her tightly in her arms and was scared like a lamb who wants to protect her baby from a hungry lion. They were out in open after the earth has been shaken by a giant beast. Everyone was scared as they can feel that worst was about to come. Prerna was awestruck with her mom when she saw around 100ft wave from the ocean raised to engulf everything and everyone. She closed her eyes and hugged her mother so that she will be with her forever. When she opened her eyes she was in the relief camp surrounded by all unknown faces.

“How are you feeling? My dear,” Japanese lady had started a conversation with her in a serene and divine voice. “Where is my mother?” Instead of answering that lady’s question Prerna asked in a panic tone. That lady hugged her affectionately and started caressing Prerna’s head and broke the bad news to her, “We have lost her, my child. She became your shield and protected you.”

“No!” Prerna screamed and burst into tears. “I do not want to live, I want to go to my mom,” her words were muffled with the crying. “You have to live, my dear. You have to live for your mom so that she can also live. She gave herself to you. if you will live, she will also live, this time inside you and as you.” Lady said in the same serene tone.

“When we found you and your mother, we found this in her closed fist.” She put a small blue buddha figurine on Prerna’s right palm and smiled.

From the relief camp to the orphanage, and from Orphanage to a foster family home, Prerna only remembers that blue Buddha statue. She remembers this figurine since she lost her dad in the road accident, her mother had started following Buddhism. Her mother uses to say, “These mantras are very powerful and magical. They will keep us safe and together forever.”Prerna loves the sound of bell and chants but never felt an urge to recite those mantras. In the orphanage, she felt the great urge to recite them. She only remembers one “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.”

Like every year, she visits the ocean on the Anniversary of Japan’s Tsunami. But something got changed last year, something started last year. Prerna was sitting on the ocean side with a pink roses bouquet and talking to her mom silently in her heart. “Mom! Today It has been 6 years, since that fateful day. You know mom, a very nice Indian family adopted me. They love me like their own child. I have a beautiful family now. I am very happy but I still miss you. You told me that chanting will get you back to me. Where are you?” Prerna cried silently.

“Why are you crying sister?” A little hand touched her shoulder and asked her in a cute, childlike but deep voice. Prerna quickly wiped her tears, turned towards her 6yrs old little stepsister, and said, “Nothing Sagarika, just missing my other mom. By the way, how was your school today?” “It was awesome, sister. Sagarika said excitedly. “And look what I found in the sand,” Sagarika showed her closed fist to Prerna. Sagarika opened her fist and a small blue Buddha figurine was sitting on her palm. Prerna hugged her little sister and said in heart, “Mom! Thank you for coming back.”

Prerna throws the pink roses bouquet towards the ocean and said, “I do not hate you anymore.” It was a start (AARAMBH) of her new relationship with the ocean.


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

Picture Source: https://500px.com/photo/58376542/boy-and-girl-at-sunset-in-oceanside-january-19-2014-by-rich-cruse

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34 thoughts on “A-Aarambh (NEW START)… #ATOZ2018 #BlogchatterA2Z #A2ZChallenge

  1. babyandbeyondin says:

    Such a heartening story. Nothing will ever replace her mother but at least she has found some closure.

  2. mommytincture says:

    I hope people in such difficult situations find the strength to live life purposefully and fins a friend who would stand by them through thick and thin. This aarambh is that kind of story.

  3. Arlee Bird says:

    Very nicely presented. There can often be dichotomous views of things in nature that can be beautiful and wondrous to see and experience and the devastating power that nature can exert upon mortal beings. Forces in nature are never guided by moral thinking.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  4. Ryan says:

    So understandable that she hates the ocean. I love the positive ending though I would’ve still found it hard to forgive the ocean God’s. Beautifully captured the emotions. Looking forward to more 😊

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