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Once upon a time, there was a girl living in this land only. A land where girls do not have the right to dream, their family were supposed to decide their dreams for them. She was staying with her parents, but this is not the story of her success in such land but it is a story of her failure despite the fact that she had parents and husband, who not only wants her to dream big but supports her to achieve them. Let us give her a name. Hmmm… I would like to call her Vidhi. Vidhi means “METHOD”, but the method of leading her life always took her to the path of failure.

The story of Vidhi starts since her birth. Her birth on one of the auspicious day made her a very fortunate child as per her family members. She was an apple of her family’s eye. It seemed as her birth was not only lucky for her family but for the others as well. All the astrologers had predicted a great future for her. She was brilliant, hard-working and smart since childhood, always a topper. But being a topper never guarantees you success in every front of life especially when it comes to choosing your career path in the era of two major fields, Engineering and Medical. Vidhi was very creative and brilliant but like her other friends, she was set to pursue her career in the field of medicine. Things did not turn out the way it should be and she ends up getting admission in a local University in Bachelors of Science. This is the first failure Vidhi tasted in her life but she decided to change this bitterness of failure in the sweetness of success. She became the winner of gold medal in her B.Sc.

Vidhi was very sure that because of her top scores in GRE and academics, admission in top most Universities in the USA will be a cakewalk for her. The second failure came to her as a rejection of her admission applications. Vidhi again emerged as a warrior after this failure, she decides to do her Masters from India and determined to go the USA after being invited by these Universities. Vidhi’s research work bagged her many international and national awards along with the Young Scientist’s award presented to her by our late President of India Dr. A. P. J. Kalam. She was invited by many international Universities to continue her research work with them. Vidhi’s dream came true as the day she joined world’s top University for Ph.D.

After 3 years of hard work and dedication, Vidhi achieved her Doctorate. She knew that getting a job in any country with this kind of qualification will be easy but her dream crushed by the economic recession and she left with only one option to come back to India. The moment Vidhi’s plane landed, she knew it is not going to be an easy journey for her along with the kinds of skill set, in this country. Vidhi started her hurdle race with a determination in her mind that she will definitely achieve whatever she wanted from life.

Two years later Vidhi was sipping a coffee from her favorite “I AM ABUNDANCE” printed mug, and checking out the building plans for her new office and research laboratory. From a young scientist to an Entrepreneur, Vidhi came a long way. Soon she realized that the research tool she is working on is still on the verge of acceptance by Asian countries. She worked single-handedly to keep her research start-up breathing, but she had to shut down all the life support system of her venture. Vidhi took a break and moved back to the United States with her husband. While working on some random online statistical puzzle, Vidhi found out her hidden love for numbers. She opened her old statistics course books and revised everything in one week. Vidhi took a new step in her life this time for the new journey on another unknown path.

In one year Vidhi finished all her IT certifications and training, but the real exam was about to begin. Finding a job in a new field at the age of 36, Vidhi new this time it will be tougher than other times. She has to apply as a fresher in the companies along with 22 years old young freshers, She has to stand in the line of walk-in drives, she had to give interviews to the people younger to her, after all this ordeal there is no guarantee of the job.

Everyone saw Vidhi’s struggle and named her as a strong woman but no one had seen a girl whose heart and soul is badly scarred. Every battle and its failure had left so many scars on her. This time she wanted to give up, her soul was badly bruised and drained. She called the security guard and asked him to send any scrapbook collector to her house. She made big piles of all her Research and IT books and tied them with a rope. While doing all this she felt nothing as if her heart and mind had filled with some kind of detachment towards all those books. She knew the future of these knowledgeable books, they will end up in a recycled yard, all words which use to thrill Vidhi will be crushed and mushed to their extinction. Doorbell shook her out of her thoughtless trance. She opened the door and saw a scrapbook collector standing there with his weighing scale and big, brown jute bag. Vidhi was still looking at his bag, “Is it dark brown or looking dark brown because of dirt on it?”

“What stuff you want to sell mam?” Scrapbook collector asked while keeping his brown jute bag and weighing scale on the floor.

“Some books and papers. I have already tied them for you to weigh,” Vidhi said in a cold tone, still looking his brown bag.

Scrapbook collector took out some small weights and a statue and placed it on one side of the weighing scale. “What is this statue and why are you putting it as replacement of weight?” Vidhi asked in little angry tone. Scrapbook collector said in his usual tone without getting affected by Vidhi’s anger, “Mam, I lost my 1 kg weight, therefore, using this statue which weighs same.”

“Show me this statue, let me check whether it is weighing one kg or not,” Vidhi ordered him. Scrapbook collector handed over the statue to Vidhi without uttering a single word. It was a broken statue of Buddha. “How much your new weights costs?” Vidhi asked the Scrapbook collector.

Vidhi arranged all the books back into the shelves and at top of the shelf, the statue of scarred Buddha was smiling at her, healing all her scars.

Head detail of old Buddha statue in the Wat Saphan Hin temple in

– GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

pic source: http://www.expertrain.com/blog/happiness/living-with-less-makes-you-happier.htm

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21 thoughts on “B-Buddha…. #ATOZ2018 #BlogchatterA2Z #A2ZChallenge

  1. Alubhujiablog says:

    It was a wonderful read about Vidhi and Budhha . I m going to follow you all through April . Just great !

  2. Pooja Priyamvada says:

    I have been through a lot of ordeal myself and still am amidst those, haven’t put my bundles back so to say bit have my zen, sufism and Buddha with me.
    Nice read

    Here from Second thoughts First

    • Storyteller says:

      Pooja… it is actually my own story… so can understand your pain… you are absolutely right that Zen, Sufism and Buddha are with you but a slight correction from now onwards… Remember Buddha resides in everyone, it is just a matter of time when we realise that he was residing in us all the time.

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