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When Namita entered the Kaikan (Soka Gakkai place for collective chanting) room, everyone has been settled down and the entire atmosphere suddenly got filled with an enchanting rhythm of “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”. Namita quickly took the seat and started chanting along with the group of 30 people. Though they were supposed to chant facing towards Gohonzon, being a new person in that group, Namita’s eyes were scanning the entire room. That room was filled with Swiss, American, British, Indian, and German people. She was thrilled seeing the cocktail of cultures under one roof.

While rotating in the panoramic mode Namita’s eyes got fixed on one guy. He was chanting along with the fast rhythm of the group and his eyes were glued to Gohonzon. Namita was sitting two rows ahead of him on the opposite side. She can see him very clearly, his long, clean-shaven face, oceanic blue eyes, curly black hairs and while sitting he is taller than any other guy in the room, he was overall very handsome guy but she can feel that something is missing in his demeanor.

After chanting, it was time to share the stories when Namita saw the same guy took the stage along with one more person. She was all ears to hear his voice. She was mesmerized seeing that his voice is coming from his hands through sign language, his hands were moving slowly and softly but strong like a dancer who tries to express emotions through different hand postures. Namita was enchanted by his story. He was mute and deaf by birth. After his birth, his mother started following Buddhism to come out of the postpartum depression and guilt of giving birth to a disabled child. Eventually, depression and guilt turned into a strength and pride as she knew that her son is not disabled but unique. His name was Anhad (Celestial Music) and so his music also knew no boundary. With every passing moment, Namita was getting restless, so many questions were simmering in her mind and she was finding herself in the grip of his enchantment. After his piano performance, Namita decided to meet him. She went to him and handed over a note to him with a smile, “Hi, I am Namita. I like your story, it is very inspirational.”

Anhad smiled back at her and wrote in the same paper, “Thanks! But you are not here only to praise me. I am sure you have some questions in your mind.”

Namita was surprised by Anhad’s mind-reading skills and giggled. She wrote back again, “Yes, Anhad. Quite a few, but I do not know how to ask them.”

This time Anhad smiled and looked straight into Namita’s eyes and started to write again on a fresh piece of paper, “I know what do you want to ask. How do I chant when I cannot speak or hear a single word? Have I ever faltered from my path pertaining to my physical condition? But do I need to write it? I know that you already knew the answer.”

Namita’s eyes were moist, she smiled back at Anhad and wrote, “Yes, I know the answer. It is the faith which can be felt without listening or uttering a word. With the power of faith, you feel the chants to the inner core of your soul”

Anhad smiled and instead of writing, he moved his hands in a sign language and said, “Buddha had once said that Silence is an empty space, space is the home of the awakened mind.” Anhad continued, “I enjoy this silence as I am away from all the negative words spoken about anybody, so my mind does not register any negativity, and even if I came across anything like that I cannot speak ill about that situation. I am grateful for my silence as I can hear my inner being very clear in this silence.”

Namita’s eyes started smiling and she replied back to Anhad with a sign language, “Thank you!” She tied back her hairs and adjusted her hearing aid with a pride. For the very first time, she was feeling gifted and blessed with the Universe’s best gift “Silence”.


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

Pic source: http://aboutmeditation.com/power-of-silence/

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18 thoughts on “C-Chant…. #ATOZ2018 #BlogchatterA2Z #A2ZCHALLENGE

  1. Balaka says:

    Being a Sokka Gakai member this story is more like a gift for me. Thanks, Nidhi for this amazing story. Will share this story with my district.

  2. Alubhujiablog says:

    I am getting in love with your series . What’s Sokka Gakai may I know ? You write so mesmerising and content is also like anhad , too good

    • Storyteller says:

      Thanks dear…. Soka Gakai is a family which follows Mahayana Buddhism or Nichiren Buddhism. Its main head quater is located in Japan. Being buddhist we are part of this group. India we all know as a part of Bharat Soka Gakai (BSG). For more information you can visit sgi.org

  3. Ravish Mani says:

    Wonder piece, Nidhi, on power of faith and silence. It reminded me a story of Buddha & Mahakashyap.

    It happened one morning that Buddha came with a lotus in his hand. The crowd was waiting for him to speak but he didn’t speak. He didn’t even look at them, he just went on looking at the lotus. Minutes passed, then hours, and the people became very much restless.

    It is said that Mahakashyap couldn’t contain himself. He laughed loudly. Buddha called him, gave him the lotus and said to the gathered crowd, “Whatsoever can be said through words I have said to you, and that which cannot be said through words I give to Mahakashyap. The key cannot be communicated verbally. I hand over the key to Mahakashyap.”

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