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Smarth never had a very good relationship with his father. He always believed his father was a coward man who ran away from his responsibilities abandoning him and his mother. It has been 20 years since he left them, still, Smarth was unable to forget and forgive him. He believed that because of him he not only was deprived of father’s love but his mother’s company too. Smarth admires and respects her mother, for him, she not only played being both the parents to him but an anchor to the entire family, and the entire business which his father has left. She always tried to spend as much time as possible with Smarth but with every passing moment, it was getting difficult for her to do that because of the responsibilities his father has run away from.

Today he received an email from his father stating that he is dying and wanted to meet him. “I do not care if he is dying now. For me he was dead 20 years ago,” He was repeating in his heart but his eyes were saying a different story through string tears flowing out of them. Smarth checked the time and thought, “It is very late in India to make a call but I need to talk to her now.” He took out his phone and dialled his mother’s number. The other side, his mom picked up the phone and said in a sleepy voice, “Do not think much, Son! I have already asked my secretary to book you on tomorrows flight from New York. He gave you birth, he deserves his last adieu from us.”

As the flight took off, Smarth’s mind started wandering in the past. All the bitter memory of past 20 years came floating in front of his eyes. It was his seventh birthday when this all started. Smarth’s father has to go on a business trip to Tibet on that day and before leaving he promised Smarth for a grand birthday celebration after this trip. That celebration never happened, he was a changed man after he came back from Tibet. Next one month, Smarth barely saw his dad at home. One day he came to Smarth and hugged him like he will never do it again and said, “You are not only my son but a bright soul. I know I can trust you that you will take good care of everything and everyone especially your mother.”

“Are you going somewhere, dad?” Little Smarth asked in confusion. “Yes, my son!” his dad told him. “Forever?” Smarth asked with teary eyes. “Yes,” his father said in a low voice. “Why? Please do not go. I will be a good son. I will obey you, dad. I cannot live without you. Or else take me with you.” Smarth pleaded his father, crying frantically. “I have to go alone, my son. I cannot take you with me. I may not be with you physically but I will be with you eternally always. I love you.” These are the last word Smarth heard from his father.

In next one year, Little innocent Smarth became mature boy Smarth and decided to be a support to his mother. He studied very hard and at a very young age of 20, he graduated from MIT and at age of 22 from Havard Business School. Today he is working as an Investment Banker before he takes his role as a Managing Director of his company.

Smarth came out of his thoughts as the pilot announced the landing of the plan. Smarth reached Dharamsthala, a small town in the vicinity of divine Himalayas of North India. He reached his hotel where his mom was waiting for him. She hugged him tightly and said, “It’s time. Let’s go, son.” The car was moving along with the turns of the hills, Smarth was feeling dizzy because of that, he saw his mom, her eyes were closed and head for resting on the headrest of the seat. Smarth wanted to talk to her but refrain himself doing so, he does not want to make her tense with awkward conversation. “But is she really tense? She looks calm like any other day,” Smarth thought for a moment and then to avoid these thoughts engulfing his rest of the peace, he decides to concentrate on the serene beauty of the Himachal Pradesh.

The car reached a place which looks like a monastery. He saw a very young monk is greeting his mom as soon as she came out of the car, Smarth was confused but decided to keep all the simmering questions on hold and followed his mom and the monk. From outside it looks like a small monastery hidden in the caves of Himalayas but inside it was a big city. “What is this place,” Smarth thought. “You can call it Our Shangri-la, Smarth,” Monk said in a very divine voice and a smile, leaving Smarth in shock. As they reached a corridor, He saw his Grandfather, School teachers, his professor from MIT Dr David Watson, Dean of Harvard Business School Dr Scott Walsh, his current boss Micheal John. “How come all these people are here? Do they know my father? But How?,” Smarth was thinking in his head. “You will get all your answers when you will meet your father.” That young monk said again with a deeper smile than last time.

Smarth entered in a room and saw another young monk was lying on the bed, his eyes were closed and he was looking as divine as Buddha. He reached near to the bed and was shocked, a monk lying there was his father. He started crying profusely, all the bitterness and hatred was flowing out from his heart through those tears. He understood the presence of all the people outside the room. He realised the meaning of the word eternally, his father had never left him alone.

” Do not cry son,” his father opened his eyes and said in the deep and serene voice to Smarth. “We were preparing you for the elaborative plan of destiny. You have to be very strong for the journey which will unfold for you in the coming days. You are a true disciple of Buddha. We knew since you were born. You are the chosen one to carry forward His work. We were preparing you for this journey and now you are ready. But, since we never force anyone to take up this path. It is completely your choice. You can go back from here to your old life or you can take it forward as a new life.” Saying this Smarth’s father closed his eyes.

Smarth opened his eyes to the sun, which was making his face more divine. He was embarrassing the beauty of Himalayas, ” Time flies Dad. It is one year since I took my step on the path of Buddhism. Life did took a 360 degree turn for me. It is a different kind of happiness. “Happiness of the contentment”. Thank you Dad for being there for me everytime. And yes, you were right that to be a true disciple of Buddha, one requires to change their and others Karma.”


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pic source: http://notfromearth.org/hardvard-scientists-monks-superhuman-abilities-himalayan/

18 thoughts on “D-Disciple… #ATOZ2018 #BlogchatterA2Z #A2ZCHALLENGE

  1. Balaka says:

    I have not read such a good story recently..the story made me feel so calm and serene..each time I read your post I come closer to my inner Buddha-hood. This post is not only a great narration of Buddhism but also an amazing use of symbols and allegory. I have fallen short of words to describe my happiness after reading this story.

  2. Alubhujiablog says:

    I am short of words . Really I mean it . What wonderful posts u r coming up with . Are u a Budhha disciple ? Are these stories somewhat from your life ? Just loved it

  3. wowparenting.com says:

    This is a beautiful story that can touch millions. It can change the way you think about your life. The whole perception can change with such powerful articles. It takes you a step closer to a spiritual being.

  4. Puja Roy says:

    wonderful post. We all love and admire Buddha teachings but few of us can actually follow. It seems, you are a Buddha follower, only a true follower can write such a beautiful post.
    More power to you!
    Buddham sharanam Gachchaami.

    • Storyteller says:

      Thanks Puja for liking my story… Yes, I follow Nichiren Buddhism from past one year… I just love every teaching of Buddhism…I wish I can follow every bit of it but not always possible. But I try to share those teachings and experiences with others so that they can get benefited with it…

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