Freedom is life for Myia. Myia wanted to fly like a bird in the vast sky of New York, She wanted to fly high than those sky touching buildings. A journey from a government school of a small town in India to MIT, Boston was a no cake walk for her. She recalls all she had to go through to come to a position in her career. She fought not only with her parents but to her fears as well. Fear of “What if she fails.” Today, for the very first time in last 10 years, she felt free, free from any debts either Monitory or Emotional. Miya is not an entrepreneur anymore, she is from one of the top 10 successful Business Women of the year. Suddenly Myia felt the world around her is spinning, everything is getting beyond her reach and she is flying hard to reach them. “Thud” Everyone ran towards Miya’s office to see the reason for the sound.

Miya woke up in the ICU surrounded by all the machines monitoring her every pulse, heartbeat and breath. She was in a state of confusion, thinking, “What is going on? Why am I in the hospital surround by so many machines and wire? Arrgh! My head, this ache is killing me. Where is the doctor? Hey, wait am I dreaming?”

“How are you, Miya?” A resident doctor who came to see her said in a friendly tone. “What is the matter with me, Doctor? Why am I here and for how long?.” Miya asked in a confused tone. “Nothing to be worried about Miya. Dizziness is very common symptoms during these days.” The doctor said in a calm and relaxed tone. Miya was staring doctor like she is speaking Hebrew. The doctor understood Miya’s ignorance towards her condition. “There is a good news Miya. You are 3 months pregnant. Though we are doing some more test for the safety measures regarding the pregnancy. But you are doing fine and can go home in an hour,” The doctor told Miya. Miya was on top of this world after hearing the news that she is going to give birth. She looked around for her phone, it was lying on the bedside table. She was dialling a number when she felt a warm hug from her back. “Congrats Miya Mummy!” Mrigank hugged her and said in a whispering tone. “Congrats Mrigank Poppy!” Miya chuckled and hugged back him. Miya and Mrigank were looking forward to this moment from past 3 years and today they found their first family moment.

Miya was happy being pregnant and handling her work simultaneously when her office witnessed another sound of “THUD”. This time when Miya woke up, she knew something is not right with her. With trembling hands she touched her belly, she was relieved feeling that she is still pregnant. “Do not worry, Miya. She is safe,” Doctor told her about her unborn baby. “She is a girl.” Miya’s eyes start expressing her happiness with tears of joy. “Miya! She is safe but doesn’t know how long,” the doctor told her while looking straight into her eyes. “You have a brain tumour, Miya. We need to operate this tumour immediately, otherwise, it will be too late. During this treatment, there are 100% chances of fetus abortion. To save you we need to abort her.” The doctor explained Miya in very straight words so she can also understand the complexity of the situation. “How long I have Doctor?” Miya asked in very calm tone. “Maximum 6 months, “Doctor replied back to her.  “That means I can give birth to her, “Miya said in excitement, not worried about her disease even for a bit. “Even if you want to give birth. it is going to be complicated. We cannot treat you for next 6 months and your tumour is spreading at a very high pace. We do not know, whether you will cope up with your health without treatment for 6 months or not. You might not live for 6 months without treatment. Your condition will worsen, Miya. Termination is the only option,”Doctor tried to convince her with all possible facts.

Miya came out of the hospital, waiting for Mrigank to get their car from parking. Mrigank was angry with her on her decision for giving birth in this health condition. She knew he will try his best to convince her for termination and treatment. “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna, Krishna- Krishna, Hare- Hare,” A group of Iskcon temple devotees passed by her singing melodiously. Miya lost in the rhythm of Hare Rama – Hare Krishna started to follow them, she did not even notice Mrigank calling her. She was just following the musical voice of the group, She did not know how long she walked with them until a boy dressed up like Lord Krishna came and handover a lotus flower to her. Before she could ask him anything,  “This is your destination,” he said with a mystic smile and vanished in the group. “Miya! What are you doing here?” Mrigank said breathlessly, he was running after he saw Miya following that group. Miya was still startled and without responding to Mrigank’s question, she moved to a door at her left side.

As she opened the door, she found a tall statue of Buddha sitting on a lotus flower. She sat near to that statue as if she is talking her heart out with the tears rolling down on her cheeks. A monk came to her and said in a deep divine voice, “You have a beautiful baby girl. Next time visit with her.” He gave her one golden envelope with a lotus flower embossed on it and said, “This will guide you till the eternity.”

“Miya, Miya! Are you ok?” Mrigank was trying to wake her up from the trance. “Where is that monk gone?” Miya asked Mrigank in a puzzled tone. “There is nobody here Miya,” Mrigank replied in an equally puzzled tone. “Let’s go home. You need to take rest.” Mrigank requested her.

She looked at the Buddha statue one more time and offered the lotus flower she held in her hand to the statue. At the feet of Buddha, she saw the same golden envelope. She took it to open,

A card printed “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” came out. At the back of it was written “TRUST and HAVE FAITH”

After one year Miya visited that place again. She opened the door, and she was greeted by the same Buddha statue. She sat there and put Sanghmitra down. She was overjoyed seeing her angel crawling on the floor, reached the feet of Buddha statue and slowly climbed on the big lotus flower of the statue and started playing with Buddha. All of a sudden Miya’s eye met with a mirror next to Buddha statue, her hand started caressing her head. She can feel the mark of the stitch but it was faded under her new grown curls, curls like Buddha.


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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pic source: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-19182991-stock-footage-little-blond-girl-sits-on-knees-of-yellow-buddha-statue-plays-among-animals-in-modern-buddhist.html


  1. Balaka says:

    Nidhi, you are an amazing storyteller..I was hooked to this story till the end..the way you always include the faith of the mystic law in your stories is amazing. Keep writing, I keep looking forward to them.

  2. Alubhujiablog says:

    Dear , I am speechless . How magically you weave it ?? You are a great writer . Looking forward to more posts . Hare Rama Hare Krishna !!!

    • Storyteller says:

      I totally agree… still science do not have answer for the life after death, or even the right definition of death is different in science. A person whose brain is dead is dead but what if that brain start showing life again, they will call it miracle and I will call it Faith.

  3. shwetadave says:

    Quite a touching tale. And indeed there are always signs and you just need to look for them for strength that’s very much needed at times. Well done!

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