“This time I am going to fail, Grandma, Nakul said in a frustrating tone. “Yes, like always, Grandma said in hilarious tone without looking at Nakul, totally involved in her book. “I am not joking, Grandma. I am serious. Anyways, you will not understand, Nakul said in the same tone. “Yes, my child, I won’t understand,” Grandma said in a calm voice still reading her book. Suddenly Nakul realized his mistake when his eyes met the wall of fame of his house. That wall was full of his Grandma’s degrees, awards and certificates. Grandma holds a Doctorate from the top University of USA, Executive Director of a Multinational firm and Bookers Award winner along with almost 2 dozens of Bestseller books in her kitty.

“Ok! I am sorry Grandma. I did not mean that way. I mean.. I mean it is different time altogether. Competition is really rough, Grandma. I need to score at least 97% to get admission in my favourite subjects, ” Nakul’s voice was low this time. He was stressed out because of his Xth Board Examination.

“Why are you so much stress? Is there any pressure on you from your teachers or parents. If yes, I will talk to them, Grandma said in a little-concerned tone still reading her book. “No! Grandma. Nothing like that,” Nakul said intense voice. He sits on a couch near his Grandma’s corner rocking chair.

“If there is no pressure on you then why are you behaving like Prince Siddharth?,” Grandma said in a seriously carefree tone. “What? But he was a sage as you told me earlier. You follow him.” Nakul said in a confused tone. “No, I do not follow him. I follow his teachings and path which he has shown us but you are forgetting he was a normal prince before attaining Buddhahood,” Grandma said in a serious tone, looking at Nakul for the first time. She kept her book aside and removed her half-moon glasses and continued, “He has his own failures in search to attain the wisdom of getting rid of pain and poverty from the world. He was like a deer who were in search of fragrance which lies in its own belly. Likewise, Prince Siddharth was running after a mirage without knowing that what he is looking, lies within him. When he realised his true potential, he attained Buddhahood and became the Guru of spirituality “Buddha”. You are behaving like him. You are running in a rat race after a mirage, without knowing where your true potential lies. Today this mirage is good marks, admission and tomorrow it will be something else. If you get to know your true potential, you wouldn’t be sitting here and cribbing in front of me.”

“Tell me one thing. What was your percentage every year since your standard 1st?” Grandma asked. “In the range of 95% to 98%”, Nakul replied. “See!You have the potential but it is just a matter of realisation.” Grandma said in a confident tone with a smile on her lips. “What should I do to find out my true potential? Grandma,” Nakul asked. “Follow the path Buddha gave us. Let us do an experiment. I am going to give you a scared chant written ring and golden Buddha. Always keep these 2 things with you. It will miraculously help you recalling everything you have studied for the exam. If your exam goes well then keep it with you and if they did not go as planned return it to me,” Grandma said in a convincing tone and stretched her hand out for a shake with Nakul.

On his first day of the exam, Nakul came to Grandma for her blessings. She placed a golden envelope and small golden Buddha on his palm and said,”Just like Prof Dumbledore had said to Harry Potter ‘HELP WILL BE GIVEN TO THOSE WHO WILL ASK FOR IT.’ So whenever you are stuck somewhere ask his guidance.”

Today Nakul was happy as it is the last exam. If this last exam of maths went well like other exams then this time he might score higher not only in school but India as well. “Where is my Buddha?”, He started searching frantically but to no result. He saw the time and thought, “if I will pursue this search then I will get late for the exam. Even Grandma is out of town for a conference.” Suddenly he recalls Grandma’s words whenever you are stuck somewhere ask his guidance.”

Nakul came out of the examination hall with an ear to ear grin. He knew he will score 100% in maths. He came home and saw Grandma’s suitcase. He ran to her room to meet her. “Grandma! you are back. I am so happy to see you. You know what had happened today? I lost the statue and that golden envelope you gave me, I was so nervous without it. Then I remember your words of asking for help. I asked Buddha to be with me and I excelled my exam.” He said everything in one breath.

“I am glad that your exam went well but did you noticed that you gave exam without any statue or that envelope. You actually never needed it. You asked Buddha to be with you, inside your mind and heart. He did stay with you but only to make you realize your true potential. We all have Buddha in us, it is just a matter of realisation. I am not saying that you will not face failures in life but with a faith in your inner Buddha you will overcome it.” Grandma explained Nakul in a very relaxed and calm tone.

“By the way search for that statue as it is a gift from a dear friend of mine,” Grandma ordered Nakul. Nakul searched everywhere in the room but couldn’t found it. He then picked his bag with the zero hope. As he put a hand inside the bag, he found a big hole in the upper layer of the bag. He dug into that hole and his fingers touched a cold metal piece. He took it out and saw golden Buddha statue smiling at him with closed eyes as if passing a message.” I am always with you, all you need is, to search me at right place, that is deep inside you.”


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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pic source: https://www.gettyimages.ch/detail/foto/human-hand-holding-miniature-buddha-lizenzfreies-bild/511926877

24 thoughts on “F- Failure and Faith… #ATOZ2018 #BLOGCHATTERA2Z #A2ZCHALLENGE

  1. Natasha says:

    Beautiful uplifting tale Nidhi. As long as our inner Buddha is alive, we can move mountains.


    April Anecdotes
    Goblins Gnomes and Gypsy Spirits

  2. Shirley Corder says:

    Thanks for this. It is so true. We need that “token” to encourage us, until we lose it – and find we can do it without the crutch! I loved this. Stopping by from the #AtoZChallenge Road Trip! Loving my Fitbit

  3. Retirement Reflections says:

    I’m stopping by from the “AtoZChallenge Road Trip”.

    “All we need is to search deep inside.” Great message and great post. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. hdh15 says:

    Stopping by from the #AtoZChallenge Road Trip! Very thought provoking story. Reminds me somewhat of a story, about the power of belief in being successful, “The 51st Dragon” by Heywood Braun. A meek dragon slayer is given a magic word to say before fighting a dragon. He wins 49 battles with it. On his 50th he forgets the word, but defeats the dragon anyway. His mentor points out afterwards that there never was any magic in the word, he had the power to believe in himself all along. Unfortunately he reverts to his old self and becomes fearful again, knowing he’s been duped.

  5. jlennidorner says:

    Are there two people talking in the same paragraph?
    I wasn’t sure at first if help was being asked from Buddha or Dumbledore. But then it became clear.
    Glad that it worked out for the character in the end.
    Stopping by from the #AtoZChallenge Road Trip!

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