When it comes to Karma, everyone has their own opinion. Some say “Karma is a bitch”, for some it does not even exist, some do not care as they believe who has seen the next life. But Karma does exist, not as a bitch but as a path. Karma always has proven that What goes around…. comes around too. This is the only path which will lead you to a satisfaction and peace, we all are in search for from centuries. Karma is not a definition of good and bad, as everyone has their own definition of good and bad. Karma is a lifestyle, it means taking an ownership and responsibility for every act of ours. Karma tells us that whatever you are getting in your life, pain or happiness is the result of either your past life Karma or past karma of this life. Karma is a teacher who teaches you not get attached to the results but to move on, without Karma, you will not get anything. Karma exists in every form, Physical form defines hard work, Mental form defines thoughts and spiritual form defines the path. So Karma is not a bitch but a friend and guide who makes you responsible, hardworking, and content. Keep this friend close to attain the peace and happiness in your life. No one is responsible for the pain, tragedy or any mishappening in your life, it is only your past Karma, and no one is responsible for the success, happiness and love in your life, it is again your past Karma. But your Karma has not affected you but others as well. Buddha’s Karma changed a mass murderer Angulimal to a monk. So Karma has a power to turn poison into medicine and medicine into poison.

Watch out for your KARMA!!!! as “KARMA do not spare anyone. It will judge you”

Buddha-Weekly-Angulimala-chases-Buddha-to-murder-him-as-his-1000th-victim-Buddhism (1)

-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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pic source: https://buddhaweekly.com/difficult-lesson-karma-even-mass-murderer-turned-arahat-angulimala-bear-consequences-999-murders/


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