Niketan kept one lotus flower at the feet of his mother. She was sleeping very calmly, there was a peace on her face, except the fact that she will never wake up. Niketan’s father gave him a letter which his mother wrote a day before her demise.

Dear Niketan,

I know, you are trying your level best to save me. But you have to remember one thing that death is inevitable. My work and my mission are about to get over in this life. When the moment will come, my ties to you and this world will be broken, my pain and suffering of this physical body will end. You questioned me many times, “Why I get these Heart disease and diabetes? Why am I suffering so much, even when I did well to others? Where my path of Buddhism is leading me? Why chanting is not helping in curing my disease?” The answer to your questions is “Karma”.  I suffered because of my past life Karma but I got love, support and best treatment because of my good karmas. My path of Buddhism leads me to attain Buddhahood and chanting helped me in changing my Karma so that I can come back again as Bodhisattva. As said by a sweet girl in the meeting, “we chant so that our problems will become small in front of our potential and we can solve them.” I am not only your mother who gave birth to you but I am your Shakabuku mother too who introduced you to this path. My earnest request to you is that “Never leave this path, no matter what your condition or circumstances are. You will get paid off at the end.” You are going to be a father soon, I know you will be a good one.

Loads of love


Niketan turned around and saw his 2-day old daughter is holding that lotus flower’s petal in her tiny soft finger and giving a soft smile.


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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pic source: https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/photo/babys-hand-trying-to-touch-lotus-flower-royalty-free-image/864001526

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