Tamara, free-spirited girl, who wants to fly high. She graduated from London Business School and now working in the topmost swiss bank in Switzerland. Tamara has everything she dreamt off. A successful career, beautiful family and above all Bookers Award. She was successfully balancing her career, family and her dream. She believes that we write our destiny and we can make our dreams come true. She met Shantanu at LBS and after graduation, they got married and moved to Switzerland. Be it her job, her pregnancies or her book writing, Shantanu was always there to share her stress, load and tantrums.

Tamara recently got promotion in her office, so she decided to take a break before joining the new position in the office. Shantanu had sent off children to their Grandparents as he knew Tamara needed a break from all the responsibilities for few days. But Tamara started to getting bored in first two days, she decided to spend some time in her backyard garden with her much treasured and exotic plants. It was a beautiful summer day and she saw an equally radiant lady in her neighbourhood.

“Hi, Tamara! How are you? No office today?” She said in an excited tone to Tamara.

“Hi,…… Dana! I am fine, Just on a break. How are you?” Tamara’s voice tried to match up Dana’s excitement.

“I am doing fine, Tamara. It is good to take a break from everything for a while. So what’s the plan for today?” Dana asked Tamara in a casual tone.

Dana and Tamara are the neighbours for 5 years, their children are of same age and go to the same school. Dana is a qualified nurse and single mother of triplets. Dana and Tamara both are busy in their lives but once in a month takes time out for their little backyard chitchat.

“Well. No plan so far. In fact started to get bored now, Dana.” Tamara said in a little-frustrated tone.

“Why don’t you join me. I volunteer at an old age home every Tuesday. Today you can also join me if you like.” Dana said in an offering tone.

Tamara was not sure but she accepted the offer as she has nothing to do. Tamara was not even getting any idea for her new short stories book. So She decided to join Dana in her volunteer work.

It was one hour drive from Zurich towards Bern. Tamara was astounded when she reaches there. It was the 16th-century mansion surrounded by the Alps, a serene river stream was flowing at one side of it. A big Buddha statue was placed in the centre of the big garden along with 6 water fountains. These 6 fountains were of different shapes and size but their direction of water flow was same, at the feet of Buddha’s lotus. The doors of the Mansion was big and heavy made of fine quality wood. There were the beautiful floral carvings as borders of the doors and at the centre of each door, an evil eye with seven elephants decoration has been hanged. Tamara was mesmerized with ambience and beauty of the exterior part of the mansion.

The moment she entered the Mansion, she heard divine voices, they were chanting a mantra. Tamara was lost in those voices started following the direction from where it was coming. She reached into a big hall where all the old age home people were chanting. She sat there until the end. When they finished, she saw that some are in wheelchairs, some are walking with the stick or walker, very few of them are walking without any support. Tamara’s heart started crying on their condition.

She was helping Dana in taking all the clothes to the laundry area, changing curtains and reading news from the iPad. Dana got their weekly supplies like books, magazines, writing material, paint brushes, New musical CDs, movies, board games, etc. Tamara was confused, she thought, “They are alone and suffering but still they seem so happy. There is not a single drop of remorse or mourning in the atmosphere of this place. How?”

“Confused?” Tamara got startled by a soft voice. She turned around and found an old man in his early nineties in a wheelchair. Tamara was spellbound with his divine aura. “Yes.” She managed to say.  That old man smiled, Tamara took a deep breath and asked, “How all of you managed to remain so happy and content while suffering loneliness and health ailments?”

“Because we all are waiting to be reborn as Bodhisattvas. This is our Tushita Heaven, which means Heaven of satisfaction. We are content with our lives and we are suffering because we still have not finished our mission in this lifetime. The moment we finish our work, we will go back home and our sufferings of this life will get over. But it is not the end, it is the beginning of the new journey, based on our Karma of this life, our next Tien (Heaven) will be decided. Only one thing will remain same that we will be born as Bodhisattvas.” That Old man said in a flow but in a calm and composed voice. Tamara felt a strong urge to stay there. “No, This is not your time to enter into the 4th Heaven.” She heard that old man’s voice and this time she smiled as she knew he can read minds. He continued, “Your mission is set by the Supreme power for next few lives. You still have few lives before your entry into Tushita Heaven for your last rebirth as Bodhisattvas. Till then, spread happiness, help people changing their Karma and start chanting.” He smiled and left in his wheelchair.

Tamara was fascinated and energized by these revelations about her upcoming lives. She came out of the thoughts when Dana asked her to go back. Tamara came out of the doors of Mansion and turned to look back one more time her future Adobe. Tamara’s eyes met with a big scribbling on the top of the mansion “Tushita”.


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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pic source: http://www.elenapensini.com/location/villa-cassinella/

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