Love & Gratitude… #Reflections #ATOZ2018 #BLOGCHATTERA2Z #A2ZCHALLENGE

Wow… What a month April was! This was my first time for A2Z and I got myself register only with A2ZBlogchatter Challenge, not with the real host A2Z challenge team. I came to know about their master list on April 1st, by the time it was too late for me to register with them. Beforehand, I knew that April is going to the busiest for me. Barcelona trip during long Easter weekend, My dad and niece were visiting me from India for 20 days and of course, A2Z challenge. Since this was my first time, My mentor Natasha di, came to my rescue. She guided me to figure out the theme and 26 words way in advance. In fact, I wrote a couple of posts well in advance. But if it is going so smooth means it is not a challenge. After my H, I had a writer’s block for 3 days. Not only that I did not get time to come out of it as I was in the glaciers for those three days, reliving the moments of Chandini (Yash Chopra’s movie).  I was getting frustrated as I was not getting me time to come out of the writer’s block and start writing. It did come out as an anger on my Dad. I missed my mom a lot on that, but something happened to me on that day. I met my inner Merlin (Wizard and Guide to King Arthur) and realised that I am not angry with anybody but myself as I am not ready to come out of my comfort zone but I was expecting others to leave their comfort for me. I sat down and revisited my alphabets and words related to them, felt their meaning and started writing. This time handling everything smartly, performed multiple roles at a time, tourist guide to my family, explorer, writer, homemaker, manager, and above all a student. A2Z taught me few valuable things: time management, working under pressure, handling others during pressure, keeping calm, learning and evolving with the story either written by you or others.

I am able to start and finish this journey because of two most important people, One is my MOM who is watching me while sipping her tea with GOD in the heaven and Natasha Sinha di, who is not only my friend, my sister but my Shakabuku mother and mentor in all aspects of life. Thank you is a very small word for her constant support, and love. I am very fortunate that Universe blessed me with a person like you.

There are many fellow writer and blogger friends who were constantly supporting me during this journey by reading, liking and sharing my post. You guys taught me many things with your beautiful write-ups and stories. In fact, I am still reading their posts. I am mentioning their blogs with their names as follows: – Arlee Bird – Natasha di – Balaka – Puja – Vasantha Vivek – Sudha – Cheryl – Ravish – Pooja – Neha – Anshu – Andrea – Shalini – Alubhujia – Suchita

My list does not end here, I am grateful to the entire @blogchatter team who supported everyone by providing the right information at the right time and boosting our confidence that we can survive this. Beyond that, I would like to thanks Prakash Hegde from Wrimo India, doc2poet from team @blogchatter for constant encouragement through their comments.


-GS Nidhi





16 thoughts on “Love & Gratitude… #Reflections #ATOZ2018 #BLOGCHATTERA2Z #A2ZCHALLENGE

  1. Natasha says:

    Oh dear Nidhi, I’m so humbled. 🙏🏼❤️ I can’t even begin to tell you how mildly embarrassed I am by this sweet gratitude post. I believe it’s you who did it all with your tenaciousness and spirited attitude. I was just a medium to help you fly.
    I’m so glad you’ve made your mark in the world of Buddhism and Blogging. Keep at it and “Never say Never.”
    And yes I owe you that call. Soon❤️✨✨✨
    Much love and more power to you🤗

  2. Shalzmojo says:

    Thanks so much for the mention Nidhi- your posts were just amazing. I have earmarked them for a return read as I couldnt read most of them. But your chosen theme really intrigued me and I will be back to read them all.
    Congrats on pushing yourself to the finishing line – its a huge achievement!!!

  3. Deborah Weber says:

    What a lovely reflections post. Congratulations on completing the challenge, and how wonderful you learned so much about yourself and that you had such support. Well done!

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