"Mom! Anant is so unromantic. He is just like Daddy, " Navika said in an irritating tone to Nivi. The smell of coffee touched Navika's nostrils and she came into the kitchen. Nivi passed one cup to Navika, picked her coffee mug and placed herself on the window sill in her study.  Navika followed her … Continue reading A – Anant (Infinite) & Navika (Origin) #ATOZCHALLENGE #TENTHANNIVERSARY #BLOGCHATTERA2Z

LOVE Theme Reveal #AtoZchallenge #TenthAnniversary #BLOGCHATTERA2Z THEME REVEAL 2019

Love is all you need in life, sometimes it feels so true that you do not need anyone else to complete a love story but only love. This year A2Z challenge, I am going to share some love stories which will restore our trust on one saying "True and unconditional love does exist." Just like … Continue reading LOVE Theme Reveal #AtoZchallenge #TenthAnniversary #BLOGCHATTERA2Z THEME REVEAL 2019


"Patna Blues", as the name says it all. The story revolves around the city of Patna and the people of that city. The city which is famous for many things, which includes IAS aspirants. This is not a story of IAS aspirant but a story of a middle-class boy who is just like us. A … Continue reading Review of “PATNA BLUES – ABDULLAH KHAN”… #WEEK2POST2 #MYFRIENDALEXA #MYFRIENDALEXASTORYTELLER