Insane Angel…. #writebravely #writetribeproblogger #5-Oct16Disobedience

Psychiatrist’s or Counselor’s job can be tough sometimes but never faced such kind of decisiveness in my 15 years of career, I did on that day. It was a soothing summer morning after winter had bid adieu to us. Sun was shining with a new and bright shine, sharing a message with us “It’s a new day filled with new experiences of life which will make you shine at the end of the day like I do in the morning.” My morning bliss started with my kids’ giggles and laughs, my husband’s passionate good morning kiss, and hot, delicious breakfast. I was welcomed into my office with sunshine bright smiles of my associate and secretary. I enquired about my schedule for the day to my secretary.

She said, “Not very hectic for the day with two counseling sessions and a meeting.”

I said in a little recalling tone “Oh yes! That 14-year-old kid, whom, they wanted to send to the mental asylum. Could you please get me this file?” “Thank you.” I smiled when she gave me his file.

I wondered “Why his parents are so keen on sending him to a mental asylum as he is just 14?”

Likewise, many questions were floating in my mind and to make peace with my high rising inquisitiveness, I started reading his file. It says Name – Jason, Age – 14 years, Gender – Male, and Clinical Diagnosis – Repeated hallucination, Psychosis, initial symptoms of Schizophrenia. Without reading further, I closed the file. I decided to meet him before my mind draws any conclusion on his mental state from his file. I finished all my routine sessions with an ease but my mind was waiting to meet that kid.

It was 2 pm, when I saw him entering the hallway of my office with his parents. His appearance was showing no sign of a schizophrenic patient. He seems more organized and calm as compare to boys of his age. He has something unique in his personality, his eyes were sparkly, and his body was speaking language of confidence and charm.

“Huh! Interesting, insanity in the packet of sanity.” I thought and an uninvited smirk floated on my lips.

I decided to meet him rather than meeting his parents first.

I called my secretary “Please, send the kid in, along with his reports and ask his parents to wait. No calls please, till I am done with my session. Thank you.”

He came in closing the door behind him without any noise and extended his hand for the handshake and greeted me in calm voice “Hello Doctor! I am Jason.”

I took his hand and to my surprise he holded my hand gently and released softly.

“Showing no sign of disillusioned behavior, first appearance is very calm and composed” I was making notes in my mind.

“How is summer treating you?” I asked in a friendly tone.

“Well, so far so good for me but not for my parents and siblings?” He said in his calm voice.

“Why do you think so?” I asked.

“They were so tense and scared of me. They think I have gone crazy.” He said sadly.

“Why do they think so?” I asked with little inquisitiveness in my tone.

“Do you believe in guardian angels?” instead of answering my question, he throws his questions upon me with soft shadow of smile on his lips.

“Well, yes, I do believe them,” I said in a relaxed voice.

“Then, you should also accompany me in the asylum,” he said with a big grin on his face.

I was spell bound with his confident and carefree tone, as if he was sure what he just said was a fact.

Before I started asking any more question, I heard his calm voice again “I see angels, I can talk to them, I can feel them, and I can request them, as they are always there to protect me. Trust me, when I am saying that I see them, I can see them in real like I am seeing you sitting in- front me and discussing. I had foretold few incidences which had been communicated to me by my guardian angels, making my family think that I am insane.”

“My younger sister got scared of me every time she saw me.” He said in heavy tone and wet eyes.

“I do meditate since the age of 6, story of Prince Siddhartha (Gautama Buddha) fascinated me a lot. No one knows about it till date.” he regained his calm and composed tone.

“Then, what makes you think that you should share this secret of yours with me?” trying hard to hide my impetuousness in my voice, I asked.

“ASK YOURSELF,” he said in his signature calm tone. “I think, I should take your leave now. Thank you for your time doctor” he said and started to leave.

I tried to come back from the state of shock and all I was able to say “Your welcome! Good luck Jason.” He smiled and left.

I met his parents who repeated the same thing what Jason had already described. I submitted my report to the panel recommended “regular psychiatric sessions, mild medication, and home based treatment.” Unfortunately, majority of the panel members had voted against him and he was sent to the confinement.

Two years have passed, and I almost forgot Jason. It was same shining summer afternoon of May. I saw a handsome young boy had entered into my hallway. He has not changed much, with uniqueness in his personality, same sparkly eyes, and his body still speaks the language of confidence and charm.

I called my secretary “Please send Mr. Jason in and postpone my appointments for an hour. Thank you.”

I won’t deny that I was happy as well as surprised to see him. He entered and greeted me in the same way he did last time.

“Sorry to barge in without any appointment.” He said in apologetic manner.

“It’s perfectly alright Jason. I am glad to see you back in your world. I am sorry, as I could not save you from the confinement. Trust me, I tried my level best.” Guilt was reflecting in my tone.

“I know you had. And you know that this is not my real world.” He said in calm voice.

“I am glad that you are out in two years rather than four.” I said ignoring his last sentence.

Adding more friendliness in my tone I asked “How did you do it? It must be commendable efforts of yours, I am sure.”

He smile and said “I behaved the way they wanted me too. I was not a disobedient person earlier as well. Sometimes, things have to be covered in order to keep them sacred and hidden, only for the ones who deserve to get the benefit of it.”

“You faked your recovery and fooled them.” I said, feeling proud of his intelligence in my heart.

“Who in this world never fakes or hides their true self? You too do the same thing.” He said in his confident and mature tone with an additional spark in his eyes.

“How can you say that?” I asked interestingly.

“ASK YOURSELF,” he said it again after two years and started to leave.

He paused at the door, turned around, and said “IT WAS NICE MEETING YOU MY FELLOW SOUL TRIBE.”

My guardian angel was standing near me, smiling at us.


– Nidhi GS (Gratitude)

© 2017 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge


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