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July was at its best. It seems like rains had cleaned the garden of God. Everything was shining like new. I always was wondered “Why January is the first month of New Year? July should be the one.” After thunderstorms, dark clouds and heavy rains, Sunrises and shines with a message “Welcome Mr. New Day, you have risen defeating the darkness of clouds, you have born from the ashes of the dark nights, and you are sprinkling your shining smile on this earth giving new life to every creature.”

“Music is the lifeline of the soul” only mantra I recite since I first heard my mom’s voice, singing to me a beautiful lullaby. She uses to sing that every night and her voice takes me to another world of dreams, fairies, and fantasy. As time passes by, unknowingly music became my life, and I became a musician.

Rains are the major player in the orchestra of my search of divinity. It was a perfect day; I wanted to spend it with myself and my sexy mate. She is beautiful and pure like the first raindrop, delicate like the rain filled clouds, the moment you touch them, they will drench you with their unconditional love, and when you hold her curvaceous body, it will take you to another world of fantasy, divine music will dance in your surroundings when she sings, I guess I can never get enough of her, how many times I play her, different composition start floating in the air, and I start falling in love with her again and again. She is my sexy and best mate, my violin. I drove to my favorite spot, where I always found myself perfectly aligned with the Mother Nature. Beautiful lake surrounded by trees at the bottom of the hills. Everything looks so fresh and newly filled with a fragrance of wet ground, sunrays were playing hide and seek with the dense leaves of the trees.

I have been working on my new music composition from past few days but failed to create a masterpiece. So I decided to try my luck today in the embrace of Mother Nature. I was wandering in the world of music in search of friendly musical notes who can give a perfect fineness to this piece of art when a soft yet strong touch jolted me out of my musical world. I turned around to see that trespasser who owns such a unique touch. He was 15- 16 yr old charming disturbance, owner of deep oceanic blue eyes and a smile to die for.

I stretched my hand for the handshake and asked in calm composure “How may I help you, my dear? May I know your name please?”

He did not reply as if he was not interested in wasting his time on answering my question. He walked towards my music sheets tripod stand, picked up my peacock feather pen, and started scribbling something on those sheets. I was surprised and irritated over his audacity of barging in and above all interfering in my work. Before I could have said anything to him, he pointed his finger towards the music sheets and then towards my violin. I picked up my violin and started following the musical notes on the sheets. To my amazement, a euphonious melody had started coming out from the golden strings of my lady, and surroundings were getting filled with an enchanting tune of love and ecstasy. The tune was so melodious that can turn a Monster into an angel. I turned around to pay my gratitude towards him and his talent, who gave a soul to a musical statuette, but he was leaving. I ran towards him, touched his shoulder and signaled him to stop.

“Much gratitude for your valuable help, my friend. Please tell me your name, as I would like to add it as a co-composer. You gave soul to this piece.” I said while regaining my breath.

He smiled and took my peacock feather pen from my hand. He took out one small notepad from his pocket and started writing something. He then flipped his notepad towards me and signaled me through his eyes to read it. It said “I cannot speak or hear since birth. But I can feel your kind gesture and respect towards me. From bottom of my heart, I thank you for that.”

I was shocked completely on reading it. I wrote, “How come you can make such beautiful compositions when you yourself cannot hear them?”

He wrote again “Who says you need ears to listen? All you need is a heart to listen and I have it without any impairedness.”

“May I know the name of my savior please?” I asked.

He smiled and left. Rain started again but this time I was hearing a beautiful melody created by those rain droplets inside and outside.


– Nidhi GS (Gratitude)

© 2017 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge


27 thoughts on “Listen from Heart…. #writebravely #writetribeproblogger #7-Oct23Monster

  1. Ramya Abhinand says:

    Music touches the heart, nerve and soul in a way we humans can actually comprehend. ITs effects are magical indeed, and so well brought forth in your narration. Beethovan was deaf and its surprising how he composed some of the best compositions!

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