2017- A Roller-Coaster ride of a lifetime….. #WOTY2018 #WOTY #FridayReflections #WOW

2017… A roller coaster ride for me. Every new year starts with my birthday month and ends up with my Anniversary month. This year it started same way but on a different note. My birthday celebrations was a month-long celebration with surprise gifts, party and 10 days of a trip to Rajasthan, all planned by my Hubby Dear (Mr. HD). March was a realization month for me. During my 8-days Kerala vacation, I found a right direction or path for my spiritual journey. Though my path was in front of me, I was still unsure which direction will lead me to that path. I heard in a recent movie “Golmaal Again” that sometimes things do not have logic but only magic, but in my case logic and magic both worked out. So magic was “A fairy came in my life who sprinkled magic dust over me and my life transformed”. And logic was “That fairy is my mentor Natasha Sinha di, who is a blogger and author of ‘Travel Epiphanies: Adventures & Awakenings’. She leads me towards my spiritual path as well as helped me with my writings. She gave me strength whenever I felt weak. I am truly grateful to God for my fairy”. May 2017, my life first high ride came in form of a wisdom tooth surgery, which turned out to be little complicated and Bangalore doctors were not ready to take responsibility for it, considering high risk of damaging some brain nerves. So, I packed my bags with Mr. HD and landed in the Belgaum hospital. After 3 hours of surgery in full comatose stage, I found my self a perfect candidate for Buddhism ( read it in my earlier post on that: https://gratitude2wardslife.blog/2017/05/03/wisdom-tooth-extraction/).

After starting my spiritual journey on the path of Buddhism, I became more calm and relaxed. I became more focused on my studies and job search as switching from being a Food scientist to Big Data Scientist was indigestible by many companies. As soon as I became more close to getting a good job, Mr. HD blasted a bomb on me by a news of his deputation to Zurich, Switzerland. Now, a new goal came to me of learning the German language, which in starting was little difficult for me but thanks to my friend’s hubby who is a German instructor, things become easy.

Mr. HD left to Zurich on July 31st and my departure has been scheduled by his company, embassy, and God after 2 months and few days. Those 2 months had taught me new definitions of true friendship, the friendship of 4 girls (Kinjal, Manjinder, Mitali, and Paramita) gave me a home away from home in Bangalore.

Finally. after not much hassle of packing and selling stuff, the day of departure arrived. I boarded my flight on 5th Oct and reached happily to my destination where Mr. HD was eagerly waiting for me (though he never showed it to me 😉 ). I started acquainted with the new country and its norms when my mother’s demise news came to me as a shock of my life. My half of support system was gone. I went back to my mom’s house for her final rituals with zero tears in my eyes and one mantra in my heart that “I am your daughter, I will take care of everything like you did all your life”. I guess God wanted me to test more so he sent another shocker in form of my childhood friend’s demise. I did not cry, I do not know why.

The answers to all my questions came to me soon in a package of a book “UNLOCKING THE MYSTERIES OF BIRTH AND DEATH…AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN by Daisaku Ikeda”.

December came with festivities… I celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary, at home with wine, candlelight dinner and Mr. HD. I got to meet my tribe buddhist and many other wonderful people. I moved into a beautiful house which will be our new home for time being.

The lessons I learned in 2017 which I am going to take forward in 2018 are as follows (My Five Takeaways from 2017):

  1. Whatever is happening, is happening for a reason.
  2. Just do your Karma despite what others are doing to you, as it’s their karma
  3. Age is just a number, you can learn at any age and from any age group
  4. Always give your 100% effort, don’t leave any space to regret.
  5. Call your loved ones more often, life is unpredictable.
  6. Most importantly. I did not cry because I know she is at her home and she will come back to me when the right time will come (I believe in Karmic Bond and reincarnation).

At the end of 2017, I am deeply grateful to the God and Universe for giving me these life lessons and blessing me with the sweetest friends ( My blogger friends as well who supported me during my tough time). I sum up with a phrase “Work on your Karma”.

Happy New Year All of You!!!!!


-GS Nidhi

© 2017 by Gratitude Wisdom. All rights reserved

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12 thoughts on “2017- A Roller-Coaster ride of a lifetime….. #WOTY2018 #WOTY #FridayReflections #WOW

  1. The Unknown Journey Ahead says:

    Your five takeaways for 2017 are excellent. Life is so unpredictable; we are comfortable and then it changes in a second. As I age, though, I do wonder if everything happens for a reason. I wonder if some things just happen for no reason at all. I wish you the best in 2018

  2. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    I am so sorry for your loss Nidhi, I know it would be very hard time for you, and you had gone through lots of up-down during 2017 (with surgery..) but hats off to you, you are brave and a positive person, I like your list for 2018 and I share most of the things with you. wishing you a great year ahead.

  3. rituprapanna says:

    I am so sorry for your loss Nidhi…I know it would be really hard time for you and you had gone through lots of up-down during 2017 (with surgery) ..but you are a brave person and hats off to you. I like your 2018 list and I share most of the things with you. wishing u a great year ahead.

  4. Richard Peter says:

    Very well written. Uncertainties in life our bound to happen. It’s upto you how you deal with it. Great to know that you handled it really well. Keep up the good work you write great! ☺️

  5. Corinne Rodrigues says:

    I like how you are celebrating the year despite the losses, Nidhi. Life is all about grasping every experience, isn’t it?
    What’s your word for 2018?
    Thank you for being a part of my blogging world. Wishing you peace and every thing else you wish for yourself in 2018!

  6. BellyBytes says:

    I love your positive approach. I too believe that everything happens for a reasonable we are all here to live out our karmic debts. Hope your 2018 is filled with peace, joy and happiness.

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