BATTLE….. #FridayFiction #WrimoIndiaActivity

Chaitanya was walking aimlessly on the road. He was trying to find the right words and strength in those words for the news he is going to break to his pregnant wife Meenakshi. He read those reports almost 25th time since he came out of the hospital. He himself cannot believe when doctor Ashutosh told him that he is suffering from Bone TB (Bone and joint tuberculosis).

“How can it be possible? I am only 25 and never had a cigarette or alcohol in my life.” Chaitanya almost screamed at Ashutosh.

“Meenakshi is pregnant. How will I tell her this? Why me?” Chaitanya was sobbing and repeating these words like a mantra.

“With the proper treatment you will be fine Chaitanya but this road is hard and the journey will be harder,” Ashutosh told Chaitanya in a calm voice. Ashutosh was not only his doctor but his family friend.

Chaitanya knew that from now onwards life will not be same again for him and his family but he had to take this path.

“Are you ok Chetu? You look horrible!” asked Meenakshi in a worried tone.

“I am ok, just little tired. You sit with me Menu. I have to tell you something,” Chaitanya held his worried wife’s hand and made her sit slowly. He then took out his reports from the bag and showed it to Meenakshi. Meenakshi read the entire report calmly. With teary eyes, she held Chaitanya’s hand on her belly and said with a smile, “Do not worry Chetu! We are together in this. We will win this fight.”

Treatment was long and painful but Chaitanya, Meenakshi, and Little Rivansh were tough than any mountain. Treatment was over but it was an only one-third battle they had won. Treatment’s side effect started showing up and Chaitanya gained weight. Chaitanya was now 135 kgs man with extremely weak and fragile bones. He knew he cannot workout in the gym with this condition but he has to lose this weight otherwise he will be bedridden for rest of his life. He decided to start with the jogging first. Jogging was getting tough for him day by day as with this weight and zero strength left in his muscles, he was unable to drag his body even for half kilometers. He started losing hope to get back to normal life. One fine day little Rivansh came to him and wanted him to be his little horse, Chaitanya saw a little twinkle in Rivansh’s eyes and realized that he cannot give up now. Chaitanya started this battle again. This time it was more painful and treacherous than the treatment of TB.

Today Chaitanya runs 30kms every day, Bikes 50kms every weekend and now he is a 75kg man. He leads a normal life with his beautiful soulmate Meenakshi and 4 yrs old son Rivansh in the Hi-Tech heart of India, Bengaluru. He is a common middle-class man who lives for his family like all other people but his fighting spirit make him STAND OUT from us.

Disclaimer: this story is based on true events. Authorized by the real Chaitanya.

-Nidhi GS


© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved


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