FITNESS BATTLE… #Superbloggingchallenge2018 with #Instacuppa

My fitness story is very normal but with a twist. It all started on a serious note when in 10 months I gained 40 kg weight. I was even unable to walk for few steps without breathlessness. So people suggested me to join the gym once again as I was doing it earlier, as well stop eating and starve myself to death. I did that but did it worked? No, then one random person in the office suggested me to go for my thyroid, PCOD, and other checkups. After long thought process, I went to the doctor and did all my blood test as suggested by the doctor.

Finally, my reports came and I went to see the doctor. The doctor greeted me with a smile and said, ” As usual your reports are normal BUT…”

So that fine day a BUT has changed my life forever. I was 31 years old with no PCOD, no sugar BUT with HYPOTHYROIDISM. People might think that it is a just hormonal imbalance but in reality, it is the mother of all diseases. Throat infection, skin problems, dryness, mood swings, eating craving, water retention and the biggest one is WEIGHT GAIN,  so basically you are dealing with a monster. So my journey started to fight with this monster with a single sentence by everyone “OH! YOU HAVE THYROID, WEIGHT LOSS IS IMPOSSIBLE”

BUT my gym instructor took it as a challenge and prepared me as well. He helped me in getting rid of all the inhibitions and myths regarding the exercises that suitable for women. He showed me a new world where there were no gender biases, all types of equipment can be used by anyone and anyone can do all exercises on it.


Next two years was very strenuous for me as I worked hard in the gym with my trainer to lose weight and get physically fit, and harder at home for making my mind strong by doing meditation. I lost 35 kg of my weight in eight months, got my thyroid normal as well as a motivated mind that I will never leave this fitness regime.

BUT it was just a beginning, whenever and wherever I moved, there was always a new instructor but with the same Mantra “IT IS ALL IN THE MIND” and the battle continues…..

This challenge of weight gain is the battle most of us have faced and heard some kind of comments and suggestions which can sometimes be motivating but most of the time disheartening. As said, ” No one can understand the pain of the bearer as much as the bearer themselves.” So do not let anything come between you and your fitness. If something comes in that path or you feel demotivated ask these 2 questions to yourself,  why to wait for a monster to attack us? Why can’t we get prepared so that any enemy should think 1000 times before even coming near to us?

AND always remember the Mantra “IT IS ALL IN THE MIND AND IT IS OUR MIND….”



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#Superbloggingchallenge2018 with #Instacuppa

15 thoughts on “FITNESS BATTLE… #Superbloggingchallenge2018 with #Instacuppa

  1. jaya1966 says:

    I have mild thyroid-ism and I am taking treatment. You are right you know. The more prominent symptoms are gaining weight and dryness. Your article motivates me. I am severely overweight. I am looking around for a way to reduce. Planning to take up some exercise regime. #Superbloggerchallenge2018

  2. Holly Jahangiri says:

    The only thing worse than hypothyroidism? HYPERthyroidism. I’ve been there; I think I’ve swung back the other way, now, towards HYPO, although all test results are “normal.” It does make weight loss a challenge, and coconut oil is your best moisturizer. 😉 Gel/shellac nail polish is your friend. HYPER, though, can make you irritable and HOT all the time (and I don’t mean “hot” in a sexy, good way). As frustrating as it is to struggle with weight gain, I still think it’s better than being skinny, hot, and irritable ALL the time, with your cardio system running so fast you’re wearing out and exhausted all the time.

    Your trainer sounds amazing, and you’ve done exceptionally well to lose the weight so quickly (and in a healthy way – not by starvation, because starvation only makes it ten times WORSE). Good job!

    • Storyteller says:

      I can understand your pain dear… one of my friend had suffered from Hyperthyroidism… she joined jumba so that she can take care of other symptoms of it… both of the types are difficult to deal with… but as my instructor had said “it is all in the mind” lets kick this disease of our system with this mantra dear

  3. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    Excellent post, and inspiring too, you had done a commendable job, dealing with so many symptoms is not an easy task, and you had done this with the powerful mantra, I just loved it “it is all in the mind…”, thanks a lot for sharing it. #Superbloggerchallenge2018

  4. Rajlakshmi says:

    Your story is so inspiring. Proves what one can do if they set their mind to the task. Would love to know more on what all exercises you did or about your diet. Hope you are all good now.

  5. Geethica says:

    The strong caption around which my life revolves around is ‘ It is all in the mind. Prepare yourself for the god and the good will happen.’ It is only you who knows how much to suffer and how far your goal is. Well written post

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