“How do you handle all the negative taunts and people around you so well, di?” Shreshtha asked her cousin Roohi. Roohi moved her head from her laptop and smiled.

“What are special qualities you are looking for the groom for your daughter?” One lady from neighbour commented in a sarcastic tone to Roohi’s mother. “Why do not you send her to weight loss program? My sister sends her daughter to VLCC(weight loss Clinic), she got married to an NRI. Now she is settled in California, USA.” Another lady started giving suggestions to Roohi’s mother. “What is Roohi doing nowadays? Why she left her job? It is very difficult to get a job. Tell her to find a job and leave the idea of business. Anyways what is the use of going to London and wasting money, if she wanted to do a business? Moreover, Businesswomen girl never gets a good match for marriage.” Another fat lady from the group said in a very friendly tone.

After Roohi has been diagnosed with PCOD, she decided to take a break from her professional life and give a chance to her health. She was weighing 120kg and was under depression. Roohi’s parents were also worried about her ageing and being unmarried, but when Roohi came back home, her parents welcomed her wholeheartedly and decided to support her emotionally during her treatment. They were handling all the taunts of the so-called society about not finding a groom to their daughter. nobody cared what is her education and her idea of business is. For everyone, it is only Roohi’s weight and unmarried status is the talk of the town. Roohi joined a gym to keep herself sane in this chaotic world around her. One day she met a 32 years old girl who was 130kg a year back but now she is 70 kg. They clicked immediately and became friends. her name was Paramita. She told Roohi that she recently had started her fashion range and not married yet. She was an investment banker but she was more inclined to fashion and her own fashion range. Paramita told Roohi how her family and friends are after her life for getting married. Every day she and her family go through all the negative trolls and taunts from the neighbours and known people.  Roohi asked her, ” But you look so calm and focused in your life. how do you handle all the negative taunts and people around you so well, di?” Roohi asked Paramita.

Paramita smiled and said,” I used to be very sensitive towards this negativity and was getting under depression, then I met a person who is Buddhist. He told me in a very serene voice, “Do not get angry on those who criticized you or say anything negative about you, you should feel pity for them as they are not happy in their own lives and search that unhappiness in others life. That is the game of life. You should know how to win others.” He continued, “The very solution to get rid of these people is not to avoid them but start praying for their happiness and wisdom.”

Today it was Roohi’s 32nd birthday and her younger cousin sister Shreshtha came to visit her. Shreshtha is now in the same shoe of Roohi. Roohi understood her ordeal and ask,”Why are you so sad? What is going in your mind? Please, tell me, dear.”

Shreshtha said in inquisitive tone with sad eyes, “How do you handle all the negative taunts and people around you so well, di?”

Roohi smiled and touched her hand. Roohi said in the same serene voice, ” Pray for their happiness.”


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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pic source: http://www.salvationprayer.eu/2017/04/20/prayer-strenght-impacting-prayers-preayers-pray-daily/


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