Today Parth has seen orphanage for the first time. He saw children of his own age and small babies playing around. He came out from his white and shinning Porsche with his parents. Before entering into office, 10-year old Parth took out his iPhone 8 and clicked a picture of the orphanage and children. He opened his Instagram account and posted his click on it with a caption, “A day in orphanage feeling blessed.”

While his parents were talking to the Orphanage Manager, Parth decided to look around. He was surprised where ever he is going, nobody is staring at him or his branded clothes. But it is surprising for Parth as his entry never get unnoticed when he is in school or in any party, where he is with his elite friends. Here nobody even bothered that a rich kid is around him. Lost in his thoughts, Parth came near to a Banyan tree, where a kid was trying to make a clay statue. He looks little younger than Parth, Parth decided to talk to him, he said,” My name is Parth. What is your name?” That kid did not reply Parth and continued his work. Parth had never been in this kind of situation, people in his school die to talk to him once and this kid has ignored him completely. Parth controlled his anger and asked again, “What are you making?” This time that kid lifted his face to see Parth and said with a smile, “I am making Buddha Statue for you.” “For me?” Parth asked in a surprised tone. “Yes, whenever someone comes to meet us, I make statues for them as a token of thanks,” He said with the same smile to Parth. Parth heard his mother calling for the distribution of gifts they got with them. “Hey! Let’s go. We got so many gifts for you and your friends,” Parth said that kid. “Thank you, but I cannot come leaving Buddha. You can give my share of gift to the security guard’s kid. They also cannot afford these gifts and he is younger to me,” That kid said with a smile and twinkle in his eyes and got back to his work. ”

Parth was surprised by the generosity of that kid. Parth came to the orphanage office and start distributing the gifts. After one hour, Parth and his parents were about to leave when that kid appeared and with a statue. “Before I take that gift. you have to answer my question,” Parth said in a requesting tone. That kid nodded his head. “Why you decided to pass on your share to other kid?” Parth asked. “That kid smiled and said, “Because I do not need it. I am happy and content with what I have. My heart is my home of happiness where I do not need these gifts to be happy. My happiness lies in the smile of friends, sparkling eyes of security guard’s child, and happiness which lies in your heart, Parth.” Parth felt relieved for the first time, from the burden of the status he is living with. Parth smiled and stretched his hand in acceptance of the Buddha idol.

That kid gave Buddha idol to Parth and with a mystical smiled said, “Btw, My name is MADHAV.”



© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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pic source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/439452876124458442/

4 thoughts on “H- Home of Happiness… #ATOZ2018 #BLOGCHATTERA2Z #A2ZCHALLENGE

  1. Shalzmojo says:

    Oh what a lovely tale. It’s true happiness comes from within and if one is truly happy, then one doesn’t feel the need to indulge in material pleasures.

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