Rishi was getting frustrated by every passing moment. He has seen the wall clock almost 20 times in past 15 minutes. “Aah! it’s only 6.30 pm. When will Rashi be back?” Rishi thought. Rashi is an IT architect in a multinational as well as a published author, TEDx speaker. a wife and a mother of 6 months old Roohi. Rishi is a VP Finance in another multinational firm. Usually, Rashi works from home but today she had a very important meeting with the publisher so Rishi has to take care of their 6 months old baby girl for 3 hours. These 3 hours were the longest of his life. He has changed diaper twice and while warming her milk he burnt his hand with the hot pan. She cried for 10 mins before Rishi realizes that she is hungry but those 10 mins felt like a long hour. “Please come back soon Rashi!” Rishi pleaded with Rashi in his thoughts. Rishi came out of his thoughts with a beep in his phone. “I need to check this email,” He said to himself and made Roohi sit on a window sill with lots of pillow around her and a mattress on the floor so Roohi should not get hurt if she plans to come down from the sill on her own. He read his email and made some calls. By the end of the last call, Rishi was totally frustrated and started to praise Rashi in his thoughts. Suddenly he saw Roohi is not on the sill, he got panicked and started a search for her. He turned around and saw she had crawled to the Butsudan (Buddhist altar in Nichiren Buddhist Culture) and trying to stand on her feet by holding the edge of the altar. Rishi forgot all his stress and frustration in this beautiful moment. Suddenly he heard a beautiful sound, “Umm muo oo”. Rishi realised it’s his baby girls voice who is trying to say something. He ran towards her before he misses first proper sound of his baby girl. “Yes, my sweetheart! What do you want?” Rishi asked Roohi while holding her in his arms. Roohi stretched her arm towards the altar and repeated that sound,”Umm muo oo”. Rishi felt an inner peace in Roohi’s sound. He heard the best chanting ever in his life.

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-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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pic source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDs5qt_ybjA

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