Today Neeti was missing her mother badly, “I wish you were here with me, mom.” She was crying profusely while looking at her father and husband enjoying peaks of Swiss Alps. It was the first time after her mother’s demise that her father was visiting her. She was really excited but eventually realised that he is a changed man. He loves Neeti very much but now not attached to her. He just came to visit her like a visitor. Today Neeti had an outburst, she felt lonely as if she had lost her home with her mother. She was crying, “I wish you were with me mom, not to handle them but to handle me and my emotions.” She was there physically but her mind was wandering in the darkness of her emotional world when she saw a bald white man wearing a white shirt and pant and hat. She wondered how come he is not wearing any jacket or warm pullover in this icy weather. He was roaming in the Alps at a temperature around negative 10-degree celsius like any other normal summer day. He must be in his late 40’s, his face has a certain divinity which somehow calmed Neeti. Neeti was closely observing him, he sat on the sheet of snow cross-legged as if there is a soft rug underneath instead of white snow. Neeti could not resist herself and decided to talk to him. “Guten tag! Ich heisse Neeti. Was heissen Sie?” Neeti asked his name in Deutsch. He turned his head towards Neeti and smiled.

“I am your Buddhahood,” He said with a heavy and deep voice. Neeti took aback hearing this.

 He continued in the same deep voice, “I came to prevent you from going into descending spiral of the lower worlds of the 10 worlds. It is ok to visit these lower worlds but staying there for long will lead to more pain. Your dad loves you and still attached to you. But you were already in the mourning of your mother and you want your dad to sit with you and share your pain. You forgot that he is already handling his share of pain all alone.We all have to live with our share of pain which is the results of our own Karma. Pain will not reduce by sharing. It will be there but it is your choice whether you want to make it your strength and grow or you can make me still here on this icy cold floor.”

Neeti smiled and asked, “Why my Buddhahood is so old?”

“I am way old than you can even imagine. But whenever someone goes into any of the lower worlds, I become young according to the level of the spiral.” He said seriously.

Neeti understood his context, sat on the snow bed and started chanting. After an hour she opened her eyes and saw a very old man was sitting next to her and smiling. He looks like Merlin the wizard who guided the King Arthur. She saw her dad coming down from the cliff of the mountain and her husband was helping him out. She was not in pain anymore, she knew her love is enough for everybody and herself.


-GS Nidhi

This blog post is part of #BlogchatterA2Z



Pic Source: https://www.pinterest.nz/pin/353814114456815740/

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