FaceBook, I can consider a good place to find something new every day apart from Google. Today while surfing groups and pages, I came across a beautiful thought with a sensual picture. It was a beautiful quote by Devi Ward which states “PLEASURE IS MEDICINE AND LOVE HAS THE POWER TO HEAL”. How true it says, pleasure is just a medicine but love has the real power to heal. Most of the times we ignore the true power of love in lure of sheer pleasure. We should not forget medicine is to give you relief from your sufferings but love is there to heal you completely and getting rid of your sufferings. What if we can have both together, feel that powerful and divine togetherness of LOVE and PLEASURE, I am sure you will not find any treatment which is pure and divine, better than this combination of prescription.  Don’t lose Love in search of Pleasure; once you are in love you will feel the true pleasure of “ONENESS” with yourself and the light of LOVE…..


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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pic source: https://tumata.com/en/event/dance-of-oneness-call-to-love-with-banafsheh-sayyad/

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