Anaya never knew that a small signature will end the most precious thing in her life. She signed the papers and for the last time, she saw him. Anaya loved him but he never loved her. When he first told Anaya about her, she decided to leave him without taking anything from him. Today when Anaya came to the court for signing the papers, he was standing with his girlfriend. Anaya didn’t know where she was, seems like the whole sky has crashed on her. For days she wondered why she cannot see things clearly until someone told her that she has tears in her eyes. It took her few days to realize that he left her not only heartbroken but smashed her soul completely. Everyone was there for her to make her feel happy except him whom Anaya gave the keys to her happiness. Days passed but Anaya was not showing any sign of healing.

She decided to move to the United States to pursue her Masters. It was just like other days when Anaya woke up that morning, went to her University, attended her classes. During free hours she used to sit on the bench in a big University park, her favourite place since Anaya joined. Anaya was sitting there idly lost in her own thoughts when someone tapped on her shoulder, she turned around, a little boy, around 4-5 yrs of age was standing there holding a cute little black puppy in his tiny hands.

“Could you please help me?” his soft, sweet voice forced Anaya to come out of her thoughts and she asked him gently, “How may I help you, honey?”

“Is he yours? “He asked.

Anaya denied and there was a twilight in his eyes and a smile on his lips in return for her answer. He was so happy as if he found Universe in that sweet little mate of his. He asked Anaya to hold that puppy for a while so that he can get something for him to drink and as well inform the authority that no one claimed that puppy. Before Anaya would have agreed, he left his new found pal on her lap. That excitement, smile and twilight seemed contagious to Anaya. She felt a new energy flowing inside her, all the sadness was gone. She realized that her vision is clear and now she can see the love and happiness around her. For the first time in months, Anaya can hear and feel the chirping of the birds, the laugh of children, butterflies, sun rays, friendship, love. Anaya teary eyes met with the innocent eyes of a little puppy, he was introducing Anaya to herself. That little boy came back with a milk packet and a disposable bowl.

“Thank you for taking care of him, Aunti.” He said with a beautiful smile and started to feed his little friend with affection. Anaya’s eyes met with a Buddha keychain hanging from that little boy’s pocket. Anaya recalls that she left chanting and meditation since her divorce. Anaya was about to leave for her next class when that boy came running to her and gave her a small wooden box which has a small lock on it. “This one is for you as a token of gratitude, ” He said in excitement. Before Anaya can say thanks to him, he put the box and buddha keychain on her palm and ran away with his puppy. She opened the box with Buddha keychain and found three small white crystals with “LOVE, FAITH and HOPE” engraved on it.


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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