Kanika was puzzled when she saw doctor’s report. It says she is absolutely normal and so is Namit. It has been 5 years since they got married and still, Kanika was unable to conceive. They went to the topmost Gynecologists of the country but the answer was same, “You both are absolutely fine. You can conceive anytime. Do not worry.”

There is a saying when you do not get the answer at the doctor, surrender yourself to prayers. Kanika and Namit did the same thing. They went to every temple, mosque, and the church of India, with a hope that their prayer will be answered soon. They performed every ritual suggested by people, they even took alternative medicines but at the end, everything was in vain. One of Kanika’s friend suggested her to follow Buddhism, both Namit and Kanika started chanting with her in a hope of getting pregnant soon but after 6 months Namit lost his faith in chanting too and left it.

It was their 7th Anniversary and Namit decided to surprise Kanika. Namit wants Kanika to come out of the hope of getting pregnant through meditation, chanting or any other rituals but Kanika always counters him with a logic that if they still have faith in medicine and doctors then she has faith in meditation and other rituals. Namit made up his mind of adopting a baby from an orphanage. Today, he will surprise Kanika with the news that he applied for the adoption and they got the permission. Namit was on cloud 9 today, he was thrilled with a thought of holding his baby in his arms.

Kanika did a last final check to the decoration and hugged her mother and mother-in-law. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the new member of the family. Kanika and Namit entered the orphanage, it was a small but clean place. Children were playing in the garden, nobody was bothered when Namit’s car entered the premises. Orphanage in-charge, Mr Mehta greeted Namit and Kanika and requested them to wait in the office till he arranges the meeting with the children.

“Do not cry, my friend. Whatever you get in your life is your Karma. Sometimes, you might think that even after doing good, you get nothing in return or something which is not of your choice. The only thing you do not know is that whatever you are getting in return, either NOTHING or SOMETHING, is going to be the best outcome of your Karma. Karma always pays off.” Namit and Kanika were mesmerised with this calm and composed voice of a child. They came out and saw a 5-year-old boy was consoling an older boy on getting hurt.

“He is Gautam. He is a very intelligent and enlightened soul. At this tender age, he talks about the philosophy of life and death like a sage. His mother died while giving him birth and father died earlier in an accident. We call him our Buddha, as his birth, has coincided with the blooming of a plant named “Udumbara” which blooms only once in every three thousand years to indicate the birth of Buddha or a King ” Manager Mr Mehta said in a flow.

Before Namit and Kanika disclosed their decision to the Manager, Gautam came to them and said, “I am not the one for you. I am for everyone. I can guide you to the one for you.” Gautam held Kanika’s hand and took him to a room. An angelic baby girl was sleeping in the cradle. Gautam gave her little finger in Namit’s hand. With the soft touch of that little finger, tears started to roll down from Namit’s eyes. He lifted her into his arms, kissed her forehead and said to Kanika, “Congrats Mommy! Our Khushi has arrived.”


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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pic source: http://mesosyn.com/unrealPlant.html#Udumbara

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