“Everything happens for a reason. you should listen to the reason or at least try and understand this fact, Shantanu.” – Raghav said in a little frustrating tone.

“Reason! In this situation, there is no reason. If I will ask her, she will give me some weird reason. Reasons are boring.” Shantanu said in an aggressive voice.

“Ah! There is no point in arguing with you at this moment. You are not ready to hear anything. I don’t know whether you are clinically insane or incredibly annoying.” Raghav said in an angry way and left the room.

It has been almost 8 months since Shantanu has been sacked from his job. Sheetal was equally frustrated by his behaviour towards his career. Shantanu was not applying for any job neither he is ready to go for interviews Sheetal or his friends have referred him to. Sheetal asked him many times about his apathetic behaviour but he has no answer except he does not feel like working anymore.

Today Sheetal decided to give their courtship a break or in other words, she decided to break up with him. His best friend Raghav was trying to put some sanity in his mind but for him, reasoning does not exist anymore. Shantanu tried everything in these 8 months but he was not able to connect with his previous life. He knew he was not happy with his previous jobs but he does not know what will make him happy. on top of it no one is ready to understand him, they are thinking that he is a slug.

Lost in his thoughts Shantanu bumped into a man. he was about to say something to that man when he saw his white cane. He saw that man was trying to pick up all his books. Shantanu helped him in gathering his books.

“Thanks!” the blind man said to Shantanu.

“These are standard Xth books but you look older to study them,” Shantanu asked out of curiosity.

“Ha ha ha, You are right sir! These are for the slum kids whom I teach during my free time. I am an IT consultant. Anyways, I have to go as getting late for tuitions, Bye! ” The Blind man said in a calm voice.

Shantanu felt like the drops of rain on the arid land of his heart, his xerosere succession has started. He smiled for the first time in last 8 months and started to run after that blind man. The blind man was leading Shantanu to the path of enlightenment. 

First flowers sprouting in the Atacama desert after a rare rainfall

-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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pic source: http://imaancentral.com/2017/07/a-flower-in-the-desert/


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