Ania felt frustrated after monthly group meeting of Buddhism. The only person turned up for the meeting was Chapter Leader Doris. She had fixed this date and timing after consulting everyone. Ania was unable to understand what made them quit this meeting, she knew if she calls them, they all will give the same answer “Sorry, something important came up.”

Ania finished her chanting and decided to go for a walk. She usually read Ghosho (The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin) at Lakeside but today she decided to read a book by Sensei Ikeda. Lakeside is always her favourite place, she believes “every day our eyes witnesses so many things happening around us, some are pleasant and some are not. Lakeside is the only place where you will witness only love, love between people, love between nature and people. Ania started reading the book when she heard a soft cry of a girl. She turned around and saw a 6 or 7- year old girl was crying. She came crying to her mother.

” Why are you crying, my dear?” Mother asked her.

“No one is playing with me.” She said while sobbing.

“Why they are not playing with you. Did you had a fight with them?” Mother asked in a loving voice.

“No, I did not fight with them. The game they were playing, I do not like it. I asked them to play the games I like. They always agree to play those games which I like. But today they said that they will play the game which they like and if I do not want to play I am free to go.” She said in a flow.

“My Dear, you have to understand one thing. If they honoured your wish so many times, you should do the same for them. Any relationship works in this way. They are your friends, they like you but that does not mean they had to live like you. Still, they were playing according to your comfort. Today, they want you to know them and their likings as well because they considered you as their friend. I know you do not like to play a new game but if you go and play with them, you will not only learn new things but you will gain good friends. If you honour their choices and makes them feel comfortable then they will cherish your friendship.” Mother said in a loving and calm tone to make her understand the value of any relationship.

“Ok, Mamma. I will go and play with them.” That girl said to her mother and ran back to her friends.

Ania was listening to this conversation. She took out her phone and messaged everyone in her group individually, “It is ok if you were unable to attend the meetings today. I can understand. Hope you are doing fine, my dear friend. If you need anything, I am just a call or message away. Happy Chanting. Love Ania”

Ania started receiving messages from everyone with their right reason for not attending the meeting. Some were not feeling so positive about continuing the chanting as they were unable to see the result. some got urgent work, and some were busy with the family and job. Ania opened her book and found a message in form of a prayer,


Bring me the people who are ready to hear about

this practice.

Let me meet the people who want to practice right now!

Give me the courage to tell them about it

and the heart and wisdom to touch their lives.

Give me the confidence that

every time I share Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

I am a planting a seed

and no seed is wasted.

Each seed is a profound cause

for my happiness

for their happiness

for Kosen Rufu.”

Ania realises that new members are like seeds, She needs to give them time to grow along with water and their nutrients in form of positive prayers, practice and study. Ania needs to nurture them without forcing anything on them. With the time they will see the results and will grow as a Bodhisattva. Ania messaged everyone,” Those who are unable to attend meetings for any reason, can Chant with us from where they are. But attending the meeting is equally important so that we can get answers to all our queries. Looking forward to meeting you soon. Happy Chanting. Love Ania.”

Ania understood that everyone is a different shape and size pearl and Buddhism is a Yarn which keeps all of them together as a beautiful necklace of KOSEN RUFU.


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

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pic source: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-833350-stock-footage-young-mother-hugging-her-crying-daughter.html

Prayer Source: http://chantforhappiness.blogspot.ch/2013/08/powerprayer-for-doing-shakubuku.html



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