Review “HOW I WROTE MY COMIC BOOK – THE JOURNEY” #BlogchatterEbook #AmReviewing

Firstly, I want to congratulate Priyanka on her efforts in writing this book with a job and beautiful daughter. In this review, I will share my personal opinion as a book buff or a voracious reader.

“Spoiler Alert”

What not expect from this book? It is not a comic or a graphics book. It is a journey of the author while she is working on her graphic book. Let us start with the cover page. It is related to the book but unrelated to the storyline. It is the cover page of the graphic book, the author is working on. In the beginning, you might get disappointed as the author has started the story from the page one. There is no preface or contents, as preface or acknowledgements are part of the storyline. Author has introduced her characters so well that one might get inquisitive to know more about them in the story, unfortunately for that, you have to wait for her comic book. It is my personal opinion that she should have saved this cover page for her comic book as this page might feel little misleading to the readers.

What to expect from this book? It is a beautifully narrated journey of the author who is working on her comic book day and night along with her daughter and job. She worked really hard on building and designing of every character, backdrop and storyline for her comic book.

After reading this book, all I can say that I am eagerly waiting for her comic book.

You can read the book here:


-GS Nidhi

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2 thoughts on “Review “HOW I WROTE MY COMIC BOOK – THE JOURNEY” #BlogchatterEbook #AmReviewing

  1. Preety Tiwari says:

    Thank for sharing your view, as it covers all aspects. i would definitely like to read this comic book.
    #MyFriendAlexa #DelhibloggerReads

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